Chad Coleman, the actor who portrays the popular Walking Dead character Tyreese (popular to comic fans, still a bit of an unknown to TV viewers), recently mentioned a character he really wants to play. That character is Luke Cage, the Marvel Comics character once known as Power Man.

Luke CageThe news came in an interview he was doing with MTV’s Geek News. I embedded the video below for you to hear exactly how much he wants to play Luke Cage, but trust me – this guys wants to be Luke Cage really freaking bad.

He talked about how much he respects what Robert Downey Jr. has done with Iron Man and how much he would love to bring everything he has to the role of Cage. He said he was going to try to develop that and that it is something he wants to take on. There is one quote in the interview that makes me believe he understands Luke Cage.

“Man, Sweet Christmas!”

A lot of people, myself included, suspect that J. August Richards might be playing Luke Cage in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD based on the recent TV spot, but that is just speculation – and the more I think about it the more I realize that Richards is just too small for Luke Cage.

Check out the Chad Coleman interview below and let us know what you think of him wanting to play Luke Cage.

Source: MTV Geek