The fan website Batman-On-Film recently updated a news bulletin they provided sometime ago. Warner Bros.’ original plan was to release the new version of Batman in the Justice League movie, and then release another series of Batman movies afterwards.

However, since it seems that Will Beall’s script will not be used, WB has elected to wait to see how Man of Steel performs before drawing up more concrete plans for any further DC Comics properties. This in turn pushes the Batman solo movies back a few years. Their sources says that we’re likely to see it in 2019, or maybe even later than that.

Even though Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, was one of the most successful movie franchises in recent memory, it’s no easy feat to produce good super-hero movies. After the failure of Green Lantern and Will Beall’s script, it looks like Warner Bros. is finally starting to play it safe.

Far and away, Batman-On-Film is the most trustworthy fan site on the web. When The Dark Knight Rises was still in production, they were the best at controlling the rumors and providing reliable information. If they say that this is the way it is, you can take that to the bank. I also agree that it’s probably best to take the time to see if Man of Steel performs well enough. After all, our greatest super-hero deserves his chance.

Source: Batman-On-Film