The Coen Brothers are an acquired taste. Either you love them completely or you just don’t understand them at all. While almost everyone I know loves The Big Lebowski, most people are completely polarized by a movie like A Serious Man. That should not change with their next movie, and we have the Inside Llewyn Davis red band trailer here for you to see what it is all about.

Personally, I think the brothers are genius, although sometimes they go out a little too far. This trailer looks like one that will split the viewers, much like A Simple Man. I mean, watch the trailer again and tell me what the movie is actually about? It looks like it is about a folk singer who is trying to find his way in life – a perfect theme for the Coen Brothers.

Look, I think Barton Fink is probably one of the greatest dark comedies ever made, and this one looks like it is about the same road to discovery for the lead character. It also co-stars John Goodman, just like Barton Fink, and seems to have a lead that is as oblivious to his situation. Plus, I barely recognized Carey Mulligan in that trailer and she is about perfect in everything.

What are your thoughts about the Inside Llewyn Davis red band trailer? Yea or Nay?

Inside Llewyn Davis red band trailer