Robert Redford has been around Hollywood a long time, so you would think he knows how question and answer sessions with the press works. However, in a recent interview, Redford did something the Marvel movies can’t be happy with. He revealed who his character is in some Captain America spoilers.

Stop reading now if you don’t want it spoiled.


Redford was talking about the different characters he has played over his career and how, at this stage, he is trying not to duplicate thins he has already done. He then said:

“I like the idea of playing a villain…I did that just because it’s a different thing for me to do.”

Up until now, all we knew about the Robert Redford character was that he was playing a high-ranking official in SHIELD and one of Nick Fury’s bosses. We also knew that there was going to be political intrigue, so it sounds like Redford might be a traitor, or a scumbag politician who is making Captain America’s life hell.

The main bad guy in the Winter Soldier storyline was a Russian named Aleksander Lukin, the man who pitted Captain America against The Winter Soldier. With the Soviet Union probably out of the picture here as bad guys, could they change the nationality of the character – especially since Redford is playing a character named Alexander Pierce?

While it is not the worst of the Captain America spoilers out there, knowing that Redford is a bad guy ends any suspense at his motives in the movie.