There’s some pretty juicy news floating around the interwebs concerning The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  It’s kind of a big deal.

We’ll give you a chance to opt out of reading this here. Trust us this is a pretty big spoiler if it is true.





Very spoilery images concerning a character wearing a light green coat and purple skirt hanging around near a bridge may or may not have something to do with the uproar you can sense, if not actually hear, rumbling through your internet connection.  This trusty news commentator has gone in search of such color schemes and backdrops, and found the source of excitement.  Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve already gone too far, and thus have been SPOILED.

Latino Review  has some very interesting speculation on what all this could mean.  One may hope for the last option in their report, which opts that this may all just be a ruse, a cunning attempt to trick us into believing that the death of Gwen Stacy (played by Emma Stone) is going to be committed to irrevocable celluloid/digital.  (At least until the unavoidable next reboot.  Just kidding.  For now.)  With other pics surfacing a few weeks back of Shailene Woodley walking around set as Mary Jane Watson, is the end nigh for Gwen?  If so, are we going to see the Green Goblin, or was it Electro’s and/or Rhino’s doing?  So many questions…

For the record, it’s this Renegade Cinema staffer’s opinion that these pics do in fact point to a ruse being perpetrated by Marc Webb to throw potential audiences for an early loop.  Sure, Gwen’s outfit matches comic book lore pretty much to a ‘T’ but all signs point to it being way too early to spill this kind of info.  However, this sequel does need to make up some ground for the perfectly okay but largely forgettable first installment in the new Spider-Man saga.  Time will tell if The Amazing Spider-Man 2 can do so, but for now, mission of buzz generation accomplished.

  Amazing Spider-Man 2 spoilers
Amazing Spider-Man 2 spoilers

Source: Latino Review