After the success of the fourth installment in the franchise, it really wasn’t much of a stretch to assume that Mission Impossible 5 movie would be forthcoming.  Many probably also didn’t doubt that Tom Cruise would return as Ethan Hunt.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to acknowledge that this is good news, no matter how predictable.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol was arguably the best in the series since the first due to the embrace of the team dynamic that made the original television series so engaging.  Sure, M:I4 (pardon the shorthand) still contained zany stunts, and the plot was none too original (M:I agents must seemingly always go rogue), but the fact that the spy ops observed were no longer a one man show made for very enjoyable action movie fare.  For all these reasons, we can hope that the trend continues, as Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions have just announced that Mr. Cruise has officially signed on to return for Mission Impossible 5. Interestingly enough, Christopher McQuarrie – who Cruise worked with on Jack Reacher, a very decent action film in its own right – seems to be the favorite to direct.  Not much more info is known at this time, but perhaps some more tidbits will come our way soon as Reacher is released for home video consumption this week.

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Source: Slashfilm