The Crow casting rumors can finally come to an end. Luke Evans has beat the other choices and has officially signed on to the reboot of the cult classic comic book movie.

It has only been two weeks since Thor’s Tom Hiddleston said he wanted to play The Crow, did his own personal makeup test at home and rumors indicated the studio would bring him in for an official makeup test. Then, Hiddleston was suddenly out of the picture less than a week later and True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard was the man that everyone said the studios wanted.

It was Skarsgard’s role if he wanted it, according to the reports.

Either Alexander Skarsgard was not interested in The Crow casting or the rumors were untrue. Luke Evans was the original choice anyway when the movie started development and now he has signed on to play The Crow. The studio wanted him so badly that they pushed off shooting until early 2014 to accommodate his schedule.

That schedule is pretty full and soon the entire world will know exactly who Luke Evans is. He plays the bad guy in Fast & Furious 6, Dracula in the Dracula Year Zero movie, and is Bard the Bowman in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. And now he is The Crow.

What do you guys think about The Crow casting Luke Evans in the lead role? Let us know.

Source: Deadline