Devin Faraci over at Bad Ass Digest has multiple sources that told him Warner Bros. is at a stalemate with their Justice League movie. It appears that the script for the movie by Will Beall was scrapped because the source said the story was “terrible.” With so much money thrown into the project so far, the source said that Warner Bros. plans to continue doing that they can to get this movie made anyway.

A writer from made the comment that it is just time to scrap the entire idea and move on to solo movies from the DC Universe. The author of that piece even went on to say that Warner Bros. shouldn’t “worry about a cinematic universe or continuity between films.”

That is a horrible idea. If Warner Bros. ignores the template that Marvel has mastered, and refuses to connect their heroes in a larger world, they are living in a past that no longer works. Marvel will win and DC will lose the movie wars.

Outside of Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, DC Comics have been horribly represented in movies. I have high hopes for Man of Steel, but you saw how Green Lantern fared, and Wonder Woman has failed to get off the ground as well.

If Warner Bros. ignores tying everything together, there is no way the world gets Flash or Blue Beetle in their own movies. Without the Justice League universe, those interesting characters will never, ever get greenlit.

Faraci said that Warner Bros. is waiting to see how Man of Steel  fares to determine where they go from here. If the new Superman movie fails, I fear the DC Comics franchise might be dead in the water, which is unfortunate since they were expected to replace Harry Potter for the company’s next big franchise.

For now, the idea of a Justice League movie in 2015 might be dead.

Source: Bad Ass Digest