Dread Central is reporting that Vanity Fair will be running an article in the next few days that promises to dish out the scoop on all of the behind-the-scenes drama surrounding the production and delayed release of the World War Z movie, the (somewhat) highly anticipated adaptation of Max Brooks’ bestseller which will finally see the dark of cinemas on June 21st.

Early tidbits suggest that the VF piece will address issues such as how the film’s budget skyrocketed to the tune of almost $200M and why the last 40 minutes needed to be rewritten and reshot (spoiler alert: it was the ending’s fault). This info comes courtesy of interviews with director Marc Foster and Paramount producers Evans and Adam Goodman.

World War Z movieAs a huge fan of the source material, this writer can only scratch his head and continue to watch such events unfold with fascination akin to train wreck observation.  One struggles to understand how Paramount could stumble so mightily given the bevy of treasures in Brooks’ novel.  Just thinking the celluloid adaptation of underwater zombies and the inherent problems that arise when humans encounter them causes chills and slight giddiness.  But alas, it’s something the audience will likely never see in this film. The problem is not necessarily Brad Pitt’s U.N. employee character, but rather the way this character is being used.  Had he been designated a linking mechanism between such displays of zombie awesomeness, anticipation might be higher.  Instead, potential viewers wonder at the logistics involved in Pitt’s character traversing the world and discovering a cure during the film’s purported running time of only a few days.  Still, fingers crossed!  If nothing else, the behind the scenes details and eventual release and reception of World War Z will be interesting to observe.

Source: Dread Central