Video Game Film Adaptations. These combined words seem to send shivers down the spines of film goers and gaming consumers alike.  There have only ever been two successful video game films (successful not necessarily good) and those can only really be measured by the box office profit and not by the Ratchet & Clankstandards of great films.  There is but one future adaptation that wishes to break this slump that video game films have been in for sometime. That adaptation comes in the form of two heroes of mine: Ratchet & Clank.

Yes it seems that Rainmaker Studios, in association with Blockade Entertainment, are readying the cinematic red carpet for our interstellar pair of heroes. Ratchet, our protagonist who is the last of his kind, and his intelligent, somber wisecracking side-kick Clank (who actually most of the time rides on the back of Ratchet).  These two are accompanied by the (has been) “valiant” hero Captain Qwark.

Ratchet & ClankI can safely say that I am extremely excited for this video game adaptation. Ratchet & Clank were born for an animated film. Insomniac Games have crafted a very vibrant universe that is ripe with stories to tell. And granted that most Ratchet & Clank adventures take roughly fifteen hours to play through, I am confident that they can make a very well crafted film experience. Heck, even Insomniac senior writer, TJ Fixman, is formulating the script. So I think this film is in very capable hands. With a trust worthy writer, an animation studio that seems to understand the art style of the games, and two very likable and kick-ass protagonists, I see nothing but good things on the horizon for Ratchet & Clank.  Hoping that they can break the chain of bad video game films in 2015 ….. I’m Brandon Groppi for Renegade Cinema, signing off.

Source: Slash Film