Who was star struck, who was camera shy, and who was just irritated on the Hawaii Five-0 team this week as they were shadowed by a TV talk show crew.

The Breakdown

This week’s episode of Hawaii Five-0, titled Imi Ioko Ka ‘uhane, was shot from the angle of a TV talk show host’s camera.  The Savannah Walker Show filmed a case being investigated by the team for one of their own episodes.

Hawaii Five 0 Imi Ioko Ka uhaneDuring resistant interviews with the Five-0 clan, the team was called to investigate a homicide.  As the cameras were being pushed behind the police tape, they still caught a zoomed-in glimpse of a dead body that could not even be identified as male or female.  The victim also had part of the upper arm skin cut off.

As the team was investigating the scene, McGarrett caught a look at a police officer leaving the scene – it was Wo Fat.  McGarrett shouted to the team and gunfire broke out, but Wo Fat escaped.  The cameras picked up Wo Fat looking at the dead body earlier on.

Five-0 soon learned that a Russian mobster hit man was in town and they headed to his hotel room.  The TV show cameras caught footage of surveillance photos on the hotel wall.  After questioning the man, they learned that although he had been stalking the victim he did not kill him.  Using facial recognition from the photos it was determined that the victim’s name was Roger Carson.

Hawaii Five 0 Imi Ioko Ka uhaneThe team tracked down Carson’s girlfriend who explained that their apartment had been burglarized and ransacked recently.  They also learned that the skin that had been removed contained a tattoo of a Hawaiian goddess who skirt held a map of trails from the island.

Suddenly McGarrett received a call from a Secret Service agent who informed him that their victim was actually Gary Ray Percy, not Roger Carson.  Percy used to work for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and was caught with a 3D printer to replicate $100 currency plates.  The map would lead them to where the plates were hidden.

Percy’s girlfriend was not in on it with him, but did tell Five-0 that the only person who knew about the apartment burglary was her brother Tony.  However, the team knew that Wo Fat knew about the buried plates which was why he was at the scene with the victim in the first place.

Hawaii Five 0 Imi Ioko Ka uhaneThe team headed out on the trails to find the plates.  They found an empty hole, a dead Tony and no currency plates.  They knew Wo Fat must be nearby.  Suddenly a helicopter piloted by Wo Fat flew overhead which the team shot down.  After some gunfire they were able to take down Wo Fat who was injured but not dead.  McGarrett had the chance to finish off Wo Fat who kept asking him to, but did not do it and Wo Fat was taken to the hospital.

Once the cameras for the TV show were off, the last scene of the episode took us to Wo Fat’s hospital room.  McGarrett walked in and stood at the end of his bed.  The episode ended.

The Analysis

I thought Imi Ioko Ka ‘uh was a really good episode.  Watching the show through the eyes of another TV show was interesting and added to the overall effect.

Hawaii Five 0 Imi Ioko Ka uhaneIt was not surprising that Max was a little star struck with the cameras and famous TV show host.  This definitely added to the comical part of the show, which is usually pretty funny each week.  And of course, there was the bickering between McGarrett and Danny in the car, as they always do, but this time caught on camera for America to see.

Bringing in Wo Fat was perfect at this point.  I doubt anyone was surprised that McGarrett did not “finish him off” as Wo Fat kept asking him to do.  McGarrett would not end it that way and I did not think the writers would either.  However, the end left us wondering what McGarrett was going to do, or will do on the next episode.  I will be tuning in to find out!  Will you?