Back when it was announced that Disney had bought the rights to Star Wars, one of the biggest suggestions I was campaigning for was a Resurrection of our beloved Yoda. I didn’t care how it happened as long as the little green badass was back. Now, comes a report that he will in-fact return to the big screen, just not the way you would expect.

Aint It Cool News has reported that the first major spin-off of the new Star Wars universe will be a solo film based on Yoda. However, the report does not state what section of the Yoda years will be told. Disney has not yet confirmed the story, but if the source is legit, this is supposed to be the first of many solo features for the next generation Star Wars kiddos. It’s definitely exciting times to be a geek.

I honestly think if this is the path Disney is planning to take, then it’s not a bad idea. Yoda is still my favorite character of the series and I personally would love to see a Yoda saga. However, I still believe they should focus on the first Star Wars movie first before counting on a successful spin-off. Here is hoping J. J. Abrams can bring back the spirit of the franchise.

Would you like to see a film based on Yoda?


Source: AICN