A rumor broke out today about the plans that Marvel has developed for their upcoming movies. The source came from Latino Review, which has had a very good track record on breaking news for superheroes over the past few years. They have been correct quite often, and I consider them to be a very reliable source.



The rumor is that that Marvel will be adapting into their movies will be Planet Hulk and World War Hulk. The plan allegedly calls for The Incredible Hulk 2 be based off theĀ Planet Hulk storyline, where The Hulk is shipped off to another planet by a group of heroes who think that he’s too powerful to live on Earth. He accidentally ends up going through a wormhole and lands on an alien planet where he eventually becomes a gladiator and a king. Hulk eventually returns to Earth to seek vengeance against the heroes who sent him away, in the miniseriesĀ World War Hulk, which according to this rumor, will become the basis for The Avengers 3.

In a way, this would be the logical extension of the Hulk’s story arc. We have already had two movies detailing the Hulk being chased by the army and General Ross, and they can’t keep using the same dynamic forever with the movies. It was a lot of fun seeing Hulk beat the crap out of the Chitauri and everyone else in The Avengers, and I’m sure it would be awesome to see Hulk as a gladiator fighting the universe’s most dangerous beasts.

To be completely honest, though, while this idea could very well be awesome and amazing, I just don’t see it happening quite so soon. I’ve read all of World War Hulk, and it’s a great, action-packed story that will eventually work well as a summer blockbuster. While I haven’t read Planet Hulk, I’m sure it will work just the same. I just don’t see it happening immediately after what they seem to be planning for with Avengers 2. From everything we’ve seen thus far, it seems as if Avengers 2 will focus primarily on The Infinity GauntletĀ story, complete with Thanos himself. I can’t see them covering so much ground in such a short time. Personally, I think they should wait to pull out World War Hulk.

What are your thoughts on this giant-sized rumor? Do you think it could be the real deal? Are you excited to see Hulk fight all of the Avengers and the deadliest beasts the universe has to offer? Why don’t you just tell us what you think will end up happening down below?

Source: Latino Review