Investigations were underway as Sheriff Lamb tried to clear Dixon of assault charges and Vincent Savino tried to track down a watch for a whale.

The Breakdown

In this episode of Vegas, Violet Mills showed up in Vegas at the sheriff’s office just as Dixon and Yvonne were planning a dinner date.  Violet said she needed to talk to Dixon and gave him her room number at the Savoy.  The next morning when Dixon showed up for work and received stares from everyone in the station; he soon learned that Violet, whose face was beaten, accused Dixon of the assault.  The Sheriff and Jack, along with Katherine, set out to find evidence to clear Dixon.

Vegas ScoundrelsIn the meantime at the Savoy, a dead man named Mason Purcell popped up in one of the suites.  As Savino was instructing his crew to dispose of the body, he learned that a whale named Teddy Brown was taken by Purcell.  Unconcerned about the money that was stolen, Brown was more concerned about his watch which was given to him by his grandfather.  The investigation began into where the watch was, because it was not found on Purcell’s body.

As the investigation into the accusations against Dixon continued, only evidence condemning him was found and Dixon was arrested.  Sheriff Lamb, Jack, and Katherine all knew that Dixon was innocent and being framed by Barry Silver.  Silver took quite a beating from Dixon in California and was set on revenge by way of Violet.

Vegas ScoundrelsAfter locating Purcell’s partner in crime Otis Beacon, Beacon came clean on helping Purcell and told Savino the watch was in the hollow heel of Purcell’s shoe.  Since Purcell had already been buried in the desert, Savino ordered his crew to have Beacon dig up the body and get the watch back.

When Yvonne visited Dixon in jail, the two had a moment where they admitted to having feelings for each other.  Dixon told Yvonne that he only went to see Violet to break it off because he had feelings for someone else.  Soon Sheriff Lamb discovered that the ring on Silver’s hand appeared to match the split lip on Violet, Violet finally recanted her story and the charges against Dixon were dropped.

Vegas ScoundrelsBeacon was able to get the whale’s watch back and was left in the desert by Savino’s men.  Savino handed the watch back to Brown the whale just in time as Brown was on his way to take his business to another casino.

In the midst of the main stories, Mia seemed to be coming around to Jack as well as her mother.

Ending the episode, Dixon and Yvonne finally had their dinner date.

The Analysis

I have to admit the opening scene of this week’s episode was a little cheesy.  The cowboy cops wrangling a wild bull in the middle of the Vegas strip was a bit far-fetched.  However, things got a little better with each of the two main stories.

Vegas ScoundrelsEveryone knew that Dixon was innocent of the charges files against him.  So, watching that play out was good, but predictable.  Somehow I knew, as probably did the rest of the audience, it would have a happy ending.

What was not predictable was the story line with Savino, Purcell and Brown.  There were a couple of comical moments making their story more on the light side – for a change.

I was glad to see Mia coming around to both Jack and her mother.  I think it will only be a matter of time before Mia is back with Jack and accepting her mother into her life.  Mia was definitely softening this week.

All around and everything considered, this episode of Vegas was not quite as good as the others.  I am not sure if it was the missing drama between the Lamb’s and Savino, or the separation of their stories, or maybe the cheesy opening scene that set the mood, but I really just felt this episode was so-so.