Marvel rules the movie world with their combined forces of Avengers through Marvel, X-Men through Fox and Spider-Man through Sony. Outside of the Batman franchise, DC Comics can’t hold a candle to the success of Marvel movies. However, one area that DC Comics dominates Marvel is their animated home video department and Superman: Unbound is the next title on their release schedule.

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The movie is based on the Geoff Johns and Gray Frank storyline Superman: Brainiac, and it doesn’t take a brainiac to understand that this means that one of Superman’s coolest enemies is front and center in this new animated film.

Matt Bomer (White Collar) is back once again as Superman in the adaptation of this five-part story where Brainiac tries to shrink and bottle several of Earth’s gretaest cities, much like he did the Kryptonian capital city years before. The storyline also includes the death of a very beloved character.

Stana Katic (Castle) voices Lois Lane, Molly C. Quinn (Castle) voices Supergirl and John Noble (Fringe) voices Brainiac. The movie hits stores on May 7.

Check out a short scene from Superman: Unbound below: