I stood proud and tall at the front of the line when Marvel Studios announced Joss Whedon was going to direct The Avengers. When that movie broke the billion dollar mark and leapfrogged into third place all time at the box office, I just smiled because Joss deserved this. However, with recent comments and numerous Joss Whedon Avengers 2 rumors, I am a little scared about this sequel.

Joss Whedon Avengers 2 RumorsNow look, I love Joss Whedon and will follow him to the ends of the earth. But this guy loves to kill beloved characters, and before I was a Joss Whedon fan, I was a fan of The Avengers. I have loved this superhero team since I was a kid. That is why having them finally on the big screen in such kick-ass movies is so great to me.

However, Joss Whedon doesn’t mind killing people. He killed Cordelia in Angel. He killed Wesley in Angel. He killed Buffy herself (although he did bring her back)! He killed Wash. He killed Giles in the Buffy comics that continued the series. And, in The Avengers, he killed Agent Coulson.

Now, listen to this quote:

“I didn’t think I was going to do the second one, but I had an idea for it before I figured out the first one … You go into a movie not assuming there’s going to be [a sequel]. I’ve seen plenty of movies that are the first part in a trilogy that never happened, and it’s terrible. You don’t save anything for the trip back. Having said that, though, I did think, ‘If they were to come back, I know what’s going to happen and it’s going to be awful.’”

Now, I know that Joss Whedon has no problem killing a major character, but I also know that Marvel may reign him in if it is a profitable one. That means that names like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and The Hulk are safe. But, would Joss dare kill Hawkeye? That would suck the life right out of me, since he is a favorite of mine. Would he kill Nick Fury, the glue that ties the Marvel Universe together? Would he kill a new member of The Avengers (Wasp maybe)?

Of course, he never said he was going to kill anyone. Honestly, this could just be his way of saying that Avengers 2 will be the Empire Strikes Back of the franchise. Screen Rant also guesses he could be leading to the team splitting up to set up a Civil War story for the third movie.

But when Joss Whedon Avengers 2 rumors mentions awful things, all I can think of is his interest in killing major characters for maximum effect.

What do you think?

Source: Screen Rant