A few days ago we got the first poster for the comic book adaptation RIPD and now we get the first RIPD trailer. Unlike when I saw The Wolverine trailer and was hoping for something more serious than a high speed train fight, with the RIPD trailer, all I wanted was awesome creatures and a real sense of humor.

I’m pretty happy with what I saw.

There is one big problem that this movie is going to have when it hits theaters this summer. Too many people are going to compare it to Men in Black, and with good reason based on the trailer. Replace secret agents keeping track of aliens with dead cops dealing with demons and the two movies look the same.

Highlights of the RIPD trailer include Jeff Bridges completely hamming it up as the elder officer tasked with working with the newly dead Ryan Reynolds. Bridges just looks like he will own this movie, whether it is with his snappy one-liners or wacky scenes like him bronco riding Ryan Reynolds as they fall from a skyscraper.

Check out the new RIPD trailer and let us know what you think.

[fresh_video url=”http://youtu.be/nt59JjtWFSU”]