The Hollywood Reporter announced recently that longtime Batman producer Michael Uslan will be partering with the online video company Blip to produce a new original superhero series. The production is a film noir series entitled The Great S. Cape!

Batman Producer Michael Uslan

Ian Duncan’s Rotten Tomatoes profile picture

The central character to the new series is an old-school style superhero named Stephen Cape. Cape is an illusionist and a magician who applies his skills in his role of a private detective. Over the course of the series, he will become involved in a dangerous murder plot in Hollywood. The role of Stephen Cape has already gone to a young actor from South Africa named Ian Duncan. The rest of the cast have yet to be announced.

Uslan described the new series as a return to the old Saturday serial format, which will be told chapter by chapter, and he also claimed  that online web series are on the cutting edge of entertainment. The Great S. Cape! will be debuting online later this year.

Batman Producer Michael Uslan

Uslan signing copies of his book, “The Boy Who Loved Batman”

Michael Uslan has been a producer on the Batman movies since the days of Tim Burton and Jon Peters, and he is credited as the one of the main reasons that Hollywood finally went in the direction of the dark, brooding Batman instead of staying with the more campy style of Adam West. Granted, he didn’t have enough clout to stop the arrival of Joel Schumacher, but he stayed on as producer to help Christopher Nolan adapt his critically acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy. Uslan recently wrote an autobiography which he called, The Boy Who Loved Batman. I once missed a chance to meet him when he came to my university, and I’d love to correct that at some point in the future.

What do you think of the idea for the new series? Will you be there when Blip debuts the new series? Why don’t you just tell us what you think in the comments below?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter