A very awesome Man of Steel viral video hit online today, and as if I wasn’t already excited about the Zack Snyder reboot, I am┬ádefinitely┬ájacked now. The new video features General Zod giving Earth a very ominous warning.

In the Man of Steel viral video, there is a screen full of static with visions of the words “you are not alone” appearing behind the static. The video is General Zod informing the people of Earth that we have been harboring a fugitive from Krypton for years and he wants him turned back over to his custody. He then tells Kal-El that if he does not surrender, Earth will pay the consequences.

Some spoilers follow:

It was reported here last month that word is that General Zod is not a villain in this movie. Michael Shannon said in an interview that Zod is not a villain, he is just a General fighting to protect his people. In this case, it seems he is trying to apprehend a fugitive from justice, that being Superman. As we said last week, there will be no Kryptonite in “Man of Steel” because there are other things that Kal-El is weak to.

That looks to be General Zod and justice. As has been reported, all Kryptonians in the movie’s world are genetically altered at birth to fulfill a specific task in their life. Kal-El was born naturally and is the only member of his race to enjoy free will. That is illegal on Krypton, so Superman is a fugitive and earth has been sheltering him.

Check out the Man of Steel viral video below and let us know what you think.