The BBC confirmed their plans for a Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special on the morning of November 30, 2012, and ever since then Whovians around the world have been anxiously awaiting any and all news.

Doctor Who 50th AnniversaryFilming for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special began on Monday April 1st and fans were thrilled with the release of behind-the-scenes photos of the cast and crew. (One example is the above photo, showing David Tennant and Matt Smith at the read through.) Excitement is running high in the fandom, and with every teaser the BBC provides the excitement only grows. They really know how to give us just enough of a taste to keep us hanging on.

Writer Steven Moffat and director Nick Hurran, who are no strangers to the world of Doctor Who, have returned to work on the project. Viewers are also to witness the return of the Zygons, the villains of this particular story line who have also been seen in previous seasons.

10thdoctor_roseThe most exciting news, however, must have been the announcement of the cast that will be joining Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman (11th Doctor and Clara Oswald) for the 50th Anniversary. It has been confirmed that David Tennant and Billie Piper, who played the 10th Doctor and his companion Rose, will be uniting with the current cast. Also joining them will be returning actress Jemma Redgrave (reprising her role as Kate Stewart), as well as guest stars John Hurt, Ingrid Oliver, and Joanna Page.

The 50th Anniversary Special is scheduled to air Saturday November 23. That is exactly fifty years after the first episode aired in 1963, down to the day and date.

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