Last week, Jesse asked me if I would mind if he wrote his predictions for Wrestlemania 29 here on Renegade Cinema. I thought about it, and honestly, his weekly column is about heroes and professional wrestling has some great heroes in its past and present day cast. I use the word cast very deliberately here because I was following Twitter during Wrestlemania 29 and people were just continuously pissing me off the entire time the WWE show was on.

People were insulting anyone who was talking Wrestlemania 29 on Twitter because (a) the WWE is fake, (b) people who watch it need to grow up and (c) they were amazed that their “educated” friends would watch something so stupid.

WWEI actually made a simple comment on Twitter that asked if these people, who claimed no one should watch wrestling because it is fake, knew that movies were fake too. I got a response that said it was different and that you can’t compare wrestling and movies and can only compare wrestling and sports.

That makes no sense to me at all.

Professional wrestling tells stories with heroes and villains and runs the story through numerous weeks until the good guy and bad guy get into the ring to wrestle, with either good or evil winning. That doesn’t happen in football or baseball. It barely happens in the UFC. Those are sporting competitions were two men or two teams play and then move on in their schedule. The WWE is scripted television – which was another “insult” that non-fans threw out on Twitter.

“Don’t you know it is scripted and the ending is pre-determined?”

WWEYep, I know this. Did you know that Law & Order, Criminal Minds, Game of Thrones, Dexter, Castle and The Walking Dead are also all scripted with pre-determined endings? Are fans of The Walking Dead stupid because they watch the show even though those aren’t real zombies? Don’t tell me you can’t compare them because they are all television shows with good guys and bad guys, WWE Monday Night Raw included.

People who continuously point out that wrestling is “fake” as an insult actually come across looking more stupid than the fans that enjoy that form of televised entertainment. No shit. I know it’s fake, everyone knows its fake, but you pointing it out makes it look like you have been duped your entire life and just figured it out. Welcome to the real world, now stop insulting everyone else.

Now, let’s talk about how fake professional wrestling really is.

Did you know that, in action and horror movies, there are people called “stunt doubles?” When it comes to dangerous stunts, these stunt doubles come in and pull off the stunt so the stars of the movie and television shows don’t get hurt. Sometimes, a particularly hard and difficult stunt will take three or more days to shoot with numerous cuts and retakes to get it right.

WWEWhen CM Punk fought The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29, they got one go at it. They practiced it and then went out and performed their match live for 22 minutes. They couldn’t stop and have a stunt man come in when Punk flew off the ring and onto The Undertaker, who was lying on the announcer’s table. They did it themselves.

That tells me that, scripted and pre-determined or not, the WWE is more “real” than a movie.

Here is a comment from WWE superstar Chris Jericho about the entire situation from his biography “Undisputed.”

“Wrestling as an art form is very underestimated. I think a lot of people just dismiss it as this fake thing, and “fake” is such a bad word because “Pirates of the Caribbean” with Johnny Depp is fake. But you’re not going to go, ‘Oh that’s not a real pirate ship!’ and ‘He’s not a real pirate.’ Well of course he’s not a real pirate, it’s a movie. And that’s what we do. It’s not real, but it’s a suspension of disbelief, it’s playing a character, it’s doing stunts that connect with you and a storyline that connects with you.”

If you don’t like professional wrestling, fine. But stop insulting people who do like it because you are not smart enough to even understand what scripted television is. It just makes you look stupid.