Just when Eugene decides to lose his virginity to girlfriend Cindy, he falls down stairs and ends up in a coma. When he recovers, he learns that Cindy has posed nude for Playboy and sets out to find his girl.


To enjoy Miss March, it helps if you are already a fan of The Whitest Kids U Know. The stars are two of the original White Kids, Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore and they play the same character types they perfected on the show. Moore is funniest when he plays the stupid character playing off the straight man and you can’t get straighter than Cregger. The film is very similar to BASEketball, where fans of the actors’ other work can find a treasure trove of humor in the movie.

The plot itself is pretty generic and is only necessary to move from one sketch-type set piece to another. The success of the movie lies in these sketches and I believe they hit more then they miss. The film begins with two young boys (Eugene and Tucker) who sneak into the room of Eugene’s older brother to look at his Michael Jordan rookie cards. What Tucker finds instead is a Playboy magazine and his life is changed forever. He immediately begins looking at girls in terms of tits and ass and that continues into college where Tucker (Moore) is the most disgusting senior in his class. On the other hand, Eugene (Cregger) is a mild mannered young man who puts on seminars for younger children about abstinence with his girlfriend of two years, Cindy.

The movie starts off slowly and finally starts to pick up steam when we see Eugene and Cindy’s seminar where they show pictures of an STD and talks about Eugene’s brother who ended up with an STD and a baby who was born a crack head. It is a scene that is ridiculous, goes for cheap laughs and works in a disgusting, deranged way. What doesn’t work is the straight man when he is not involved in scenes with his comic foil, Tucker.

Out of The Whitest Kids U Know cast, Trevor Moore is the top of the class. Every scene he is in, while sometimes over the top, is a highlight in the movie. He is known best on the TV show for sketches such as the spoof of Supersize Me where he tries to see what will happen if he does nothing but drink whiskey and eat no food for every meal. That kind of ridiculous premise is how he lives in this movie. He lives his life through Playboy, taking all the advice the magazine gives and using Hugh Hefner as a role model.

The movie changes direction on prom night when Eugene finally agrees to lose his virginity to his girlfriend after the dance. He makes the mistake of going to Tucker who gives him misogynic advice before sharing shots with him to help loosen his nerves, as well as to help him maybe get anal. When Eugene heads out to do the deed, he makes a wrong turn and falls down the stairs into the basement, slams into a bookcase, a tool chest falls on his head and the bookcase topples over onto him. He ends up in a coma for four years.

When Eugene wakes up, his father has moved away and Cindy is gone as well. The only person who is left is Tucker, the man responsible for Eugene coming out of his coma thanks to a baseball bat. When Tucker sees in the newest Playboy that Cindy is Miss March he devices the plan to drive Eugene across the country to the Playboy mansion to find her. Along the way, they encounter numerous plot devices including a rapper from high school who has made it big named Horsedick.MPEG (Craig Robinson), crazed firefighters who want to exact revenge on Tucker for an incident with one of their sisters, and an eventual arrival at the Playboy mansion.

The movie is stupid – there is no question about that. However, I emphasize that this movie is the equivalent of BASEketball with its built in fan base, although it never reaches the level of brilliance in that comedy. I always felt Trevor Moore could be a movie star but after seeing this, he comes across as more of a lightweight Jim Carrey. Zach Cregger made even less of an impression and his career in film might be short lived. However, as a fan of the show, I view this as an extended The Whitest Kids U Know episode with a number of very funny, very stupid sketches that made me laugh out loud on a number of occasions. I miss some of the other cast members, since only the two appeared in this movie, but there is one extra on the DVD that made up for this. The ending also was a letdown, but this is not a movie that survives on plot. It is a movie relying on set pieces.

Included are gags with an epileptic girl giving a blowjob with a strobe light coming on, the fact that Eugene can’t hold his bladder when he gets excited, and a scene with a model, a glass of wine and dog urine.

Is this a great movie? No. Did I enjoy watching it? Yes. That’s all I ask for.


There is a great feature with two screen auditions involving other White Kids. The first is with Timmy and just relies on fat jokes to get by. The second is brilliant. For people who watch the show, it is almost all guys and if there is a female role, they do it in drag. Darren Trumeter is the second man auditioning and lets Trevor and Zach know he wants the role of Cindy. The back and forth is fantastic in this one and I laughed a lot during this feature. There is also a fake feature over Horsedick.MPEG that did not make me laugh. The DVD also includes both the unedited and theatrical versions.