Walking Dead spoilers follow.

The Walking Dead season 3 finale finished with The Governor going crazy and gunning down the survivors he promised to protect. This was done because, if he wasn’t going to be their savior, no one would. He then ran. If you are wondering if he will stay gone for long, fear not, because David Morrissey has been elevated to a series regular for Season 4.

Walking Dead spoilersAt first, it looked like he might end up like Merle, disappearing for awhile and then popping back up when fans least expected it. Now, as a series regular, expect the fourth season to follow him and allow for a slow burn to the next confrontation with Rick and company.

These Walking Dead spoilers are pretty awesome, because David Morrrisey is pretty damn great as The Governor. I was not really excited about him taking the role in the start, but he really owned it and I can separate the comic book from the TV show enough to enjoy both characters for what they are/were.

With the disappointing loss of Merle and wonderful death of Laurie, expect some new faces to show up in season four as The Governor continues to menace our heroes.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter