We are under the impression that Rambo in 2008 was the perfect bookended conclusion to the story of John Rambo.

For fans who are too young to understand, the first movie — First Blood — told the story of a Vietnam vet who came home from the war and found that people back home were just as vicious as those he battled in other countries.

The second and third movies were just war-porn for people in the Reagan-era America — Rambo headed over to battle communists and the like for the good ‘ole U.S.A. — who were quick to betray him every chance they got.

With that said, Rambo in 2008 pretty much ignored the second and third movie. If taken as a part one and part two with First Blood, it was the perfect conclusion to the story of John Rambo as he helped rescue a group of aid workers in Burma – the most dangerous country in the world.

It ended with John Rambo finally going home — something he wanted to do when First Blood started and something he had never been able to accomplish.

If you thought that ending was perfect, this news isn’t for you. Sylvester Stallone is making a Rambo 5.

Deadline reports that Stallone will play John Rambo once again, is writing the script and might even direct the movie. This time around, Rambo is heading down to Mexico to battle a drug cartel when a friend’s daughter is kidnapped. He gets involved to rescue the girl.

The news also indicates that Rambo was just chilling on his ranch — which means that, at least for a short while, John got the peace that he always needed. There is a rumor that this one is called Rambo: Last Blood, which might mean it is time for the character to buy the farm — maybe going out in a blaze of glory to save the girl.

That could also make sense since Stallone said back in 2014 that this was Rambo’s version of No Country for Old Men.