Belle’s father is trying to set her up with Gaston because there is an ogre war brewing and if she marries Gaston, they will have a large enough army to defeat them. Belle is upset at her father for meddling, but when Gaston shows up for a walk, she agrees to the meeting.

Gaston is winning Belle over by being dashing and charming and not at all like the Gaston we all know. He gets distracted by a creature, which turns out to be a young ogre. Gaston sees the ogre as evil and wants to kill him, but Belle wants to save him.

They return to the castle where Belle looks through books to find something to help the ogre. She gives Gaston her favorite book, Her Handsome Hero, a book about forgiveness and compassion. Gaston promises to read it. Belle finds a story about the mirror of Soul. The mirror will allow the person looking into it to reveal if they are good or evil and that way they can know if the ogre is a threat. Belle and her father go retrieve the mirror and when they come back they find Gaston hurt and knocked out. Gaston says it’s from the ogre and leads the charge to go kill it. Belle wants to come along with the mirror, but he knows if Belle comes she will find out the truth.

Belle catches up and stops him from hurting the ogre who is already hurt. When Gaston tries to shoot it, Belle holds up the mirror. The mirror shatters, but Belle sees Gaston and his eyes are glowing red. She realizes that Gaston is the monster not the ogre. Gaston still asks for her hand in marriage and she agrees to join the two kingdoms together.

Her Handsome Hero

Belle comes to Rumple for help because she doesn’t want to be separated from her child, but she doesn’t want Rumple to use dark magic.

Hades finds Gaston working at a pet shelter. He has come because he found a flower growing in the Underworld which means that the souls have hope and could move on and that can’t happen. His plan is have Gaston kill Rumple with arrows so he can get revenge on the man who put him here.

Belle and Rumple are fighting when Gaston shoots an arrow. Rumple figures out Hades was the one who sent him and he magics himself and Belle away before Gaston can shoot again. Hades had dipped the arrows in the River of Lost Souls, so one scratch and he’s in that water forever. The big problem isn’t Gaston’s arrows, but rather that Belle finds out Rumple killed Gaston and didn’t tell her. Belle is determined to help Gaston move on because not only will it help Gaston but it will harm Hades.

Belle and Rumple go to the pet shop and search Gaston’s locker. They find the book Belle loved, Her Handsome Hero, and realize his unfinished business is herself. She tells Rumple she can handle this herself. Hades comes and offers her a deal. He will throw away the contract if she lets Gaston and Rumple face off so that one can throw the other into the River of Lost Souls.

Belle sets Gaston up in Rumple’s shop, where he proves that he would kill her husband if he had the chance. She shows him the book and asks if she is his unfinished business, but no the book is his punishment. Every time he tries to get rid of it he is reminded of why he died: trying to do right by Belle and be the hero. He asks why she keeps defending Rumple and she drops the bombshell on him that that is her husband.

The Loss of Hope

Rumple and Gaston are fighting when Belle shows up and tries to stop him from making a mistake. She kisses him and uses the distraction to steal the dagger and command him to stop hurting Gaston. But Gaston is still mad and tries to shoot Rumple and while trying to save Rumple she knocks Gaston into the river. Hades shows up and says the deal is off as she killed Gaston not Rumple.

Monster Or Friend

Hook, Emma and Snow are standing at the graves while Emma attempts a spell that will remove the names off. As she does so, a storm brews requiring them to take cover. A monster comes after them and when Snow tries to attack it, it kills her. Emma wakes up and realizes it was all a dream. Regina is covering the door to Hades’ lair with symbols in order to counteract the protective spell on it. They use their magic on it, but it doesn’t work. Emma tells them about her dream where they removed the names from the graves.

Emma is trying to think of the spell when her dream starts to come true. They rush to take cover and Emma tells them about the monster following them.

Snow, Emma and Hook are hiding in Regina’s value where Emma finally tells them about her dream where Snow died. Regina meets them and Emma tells her about the monster. Regina says it might not be a monster, but rather Emma’s issues. She feels bad bringing her family down here and feels if someone dies it is her fault. Snow refuses to let Emma feel guilty and they decide to face the beast. They track it and Snow realizes it isn’t a monster, it’s Red.