The Jones’ Brothers

Hook and his brother work on a ship captained by Captain Silver. When Liam gets papers from the navy he gives it up for his brother. Captain Silver steers his crew into a storm for some reason and Hook and Liam stand up to him by staging a mutiny and force him to stand down. Hades shows up to Liam and tells Liam to willingly sink the ship. If he does, he and his brother will live and they will get their dream of being in the King’s navy. Hook follows his brother’s orders when he steers into the eye because he trusts him, but the ship crashes with Liam and Hook the only survivors. They are found by the King’s navy and Liam earns the spot for commission on his ship.

The Quill

Cruella is driving through hell, looking for the quill with Henry, but Henry meets up with the Apprentice who warns him not to make the mistake of resurrecting Cruella. He warns Henry that he should only use the quill to record and not create stories, but Henry wants to be the hero this time. The Apprentice gives in and tells him that the quill is protected by a spell, but the Sheriff here took the key from him. If he finds the key he can find the quill. And with that belief in Henry to do the right thing, the Apprentice helps Henry and can move on.

The Story Book

Hook feels bad about everything mostly with how quickly he gave into being the Dark One. He doesn’t think he deserves to be saved, but Emma doesn’t believe this. They are interrupted by Hook’s brother, Liam. Hook is surprised that his brother is here because he is who Hook looked up to the most. Liam says Hades has everything rigged down here and talks about needing a storybook to defeat him. Emma connects the dots to the Once Upon A Time storybrooke and tells him how everything down here has a parallel and there should be a copy here somewhere. If they finds Hades’ story they can use it against him.

Snow and Charming help look for the book, but it isn’t in the place its in in real Storybrooke. Liam goes to Emma and tells her she isn’t good enough for his brother. He knows Hook’s been fighting inner darkness his whole life, and he thinks Emma is a bad influence. Henry comes home and tells him about how he ran into the Apprentice. He tells him they need the Sheriff’s key to get into the house where the storybrooke is being kept. Snow and Charming are in the Sheriff’s office because Charming’s twin brother, James, is the Sheriff down here. Cruella comes in and is looking for her lover so Charming has to pretend he is James.

Hades comes into Liam’s bar and tells him that he knows what’s going on and that he needs that storybook. He tells Liam to find it and destroy the pages and if he doesn’t he will tell everyone why Liam is really down here. Regina and Emma talk and she tells Emma she is too good for Hook. Henry arrives with the key and they get inside the house with the book.

Liam finds the book and starts tearing the pages and hiding them before anyone sees. The rest of the group meet him and are disappointed to find out the pages are gone. Hook calls Emma out for being bothered, and Emma admits she thinks Liam is hiding something, but Hook defends his brother as a hero. Emma catches up with Liam outside, she tries to prove to Hook that Liam took the pages, but Hook still doesn’t believe her. He thinks this whole thing is about him and has decided he won’t be returning to Storybrooke after they defeat Hades.

The Truth

Captain Silver and his crew show up and Hook realizes Emma is right. He tells them how Liam made a deal with Hades in the bar and that he’s down here because he secretly traded their souls. This means both Jones brothers get to die. They magic to a fiery area, but before they can push them off a cliff, Hades arrives. He pushes Captain Silver off the ship and then Liam. Hook tries to save Liam, but Liam is willing to make things right and lets go. Since he chose to die for his brother he has crossed over and so can his crew. Hook decides to stay behind because he wants to defeat Hades with Emma.

Hook apologizes to Emma and tells the group Liam wrecked the pages so they won’t know Hades story. Charming goes to talk to Henry and tells him what he learned from Cruella. His brother resents him because he grew up with a loving mother and how family is important. Henry tells him about the quill and Cruella and about his plans. He didn’t like how he had so much power, but had to live in everyone’s shadow, but he has a chance to tell stories. He is going to re-write Hades’ story. All we know is Hades’ story has something to do with Zelena.