Spiraling Out Of Control

Damon spirals out of control after burning Elena’s body last week.  He ends up in the middle of the road where he meets a guy who confesses to Damon that he ran over his girlfriend’s cat and lied about it. Damon ends up feeding off him.

Stefan shows up for Caroline with french fries. They share a moment until Caroline collapses in the bed. The doctor says she isn’t in labor, but her veins are dilated. And then her hand starts desiccating. Valarie is called in to figure out what is wrong with Caroline. She gives her a talisman to let the baby feed off that magic rather than Caroline, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Damon decides to handle the loss of Elena by confronting Julian. Julian is running a fight club where Damon decides to fight his pain away. He easily beats the first guy, but the second guy starts pounding him until a mystery female throws him a stake from the audience. He stakes the guy and wins the fight, pissing Julian off. Stefan breaks up the fight and punches Julian before leaving with Damon.

But Damon confesses what he did to Elena, and Stefan breaks down. But he doesn’t get mad at Damon, he takes his anger out of Julian, the person he blames for all his pain. Stefan and Valerie turn on Julian and Stefan stabs the stake into Julian’s heart.

Julian is dead, but Damon is not suffering. The mystery brunette from the fight follows him home. She gives him some tequila and kisses him. Damon isn’t into it at first, but then he kisses her back.

The Huntress

Bonnie and Nora decide to look into the huntress. Mary Louise is back as she too got the X postcard from the Huntress. The Huntress (we find out her name is really Rayna Cruz) was bound to be a hunter by Shamans. They track her down to an Ohio hospital, but instead they find an insane old lady.

But when Bonnie gets her alone she finds out that the old lady is insane, but she is also Rayna. After coming clean, she chokes Bonnie–only to get staked dead by Enzo. Enzo says the heretics need to cloak their exit to escape with the body, but when Bonnie gets back, he and Rayna have disappeared. We learn that Enzo sent the X postcards to the Heretics to draw them to the Huntress. He burns her body and then a young woman crashes into the glass wall. The Huntress has been reborn.

Three Years In The Future

Stefan shows up to save the day for Caroline, but Matt has already beaten him to it. But Matt ends up vervaining Stefan. He looks at the TV station camer and makes sure he never has to see the person again. The person confirms and we see the Huntress is the same woman who kissed Damon.