Salvatore Brothers

Damon is right where we left him last week, standing around the bodies of his friends and family. He quickly realizes that this is real and gives blood to Matt and Bonnie. As he apologizes to Bonnie, Caroline stakes him. When he wakes up he is chained. He starts yelling and wakes Stefan up from a strange dream.

Damon expects Stefan to lecture him about feeling bad for all the things he’s done, but Stefan says that because of what Damon experienced in the Stone, he gets a free pass. He tells Damon that being back in this world after being in the Stone is much worse.

Stefan explains that once you are free from the Phoenix Stone, the effects bleed into the real world. Stefan is haunted by Damon and Damon is haunted by Henry. And it turns out that Julian has taken over Mystic Falls. Stefan frees him and they head to a bar where Julian welcomes them. He says that this was Lily’s home and now he isn’t going anywhere.

Damon wanders out of the bar when he sees Henry. Damon doesn’t want to hear what he has to say so he rips out his heart…but it wasn’t Henry. Stefan comes out and sees what happened.

Stefan opens up to Damon that he saw him everywhere when he woke up from the Stone. He couldn’t think of anything but Damon. He was so consumed with it that he didn’t notice Julian taking over the town. He thought the only way to get rid of Damon was to burn the body of the real Damon. So he covered Damon in gasoline and was about to light him up when Caroline saved them both. But it turns out Stefan wasn’t talking to anyone. He finds that out when Julian breaks his window with a baseball bat and tells him.

Damon calls Tyler up and asks him to see Elena. Once there he pulls Elena’s coffin out he finds Henry. Tyler tries to shoot Damon, but Damon puts him to sleep instead.

Baby Shower

Caroline and Alaric have a baby shower. But Caroline wants it to be clear these are Alaric’s babies and she won’t be helping him after they are born. Later she finds out that Alaric is moving because he doesn’t want to raise his babies near anything supernatural.

Nora stops by the shower because Bonnie invited her. We find out that Nora helped get Stefan out of the stone. Bonnie wants to be nice to her, but Matt does not. Nora hurts him for a bit and then leaves. Nora later proves her friendship by giving Bonnie information about the huntress and how she is going after heretics. She tells Bonnie that the Huntress’s weapon is what put Julian into the Stone and once you have been marked by it she will come after you.

Caroline is enjoying her shower when Stefan comes over. He finally explains to her what happened to him in the Stone: he was drowning in the quarry with Damon over and over again. He couldn’t save himself and Damon so he let Damon go. Only then was he able to get out of the hell world by Bonnie. He thinks the stone is trying to tell him that he will never be happy until Damon is out of his life for good. Caroline asks if he really thinks that.


Damon covers Henry’s body with gasoline and then sets it on fire. Henry appears behind him and Damon realizes that he is burning Elena’s body, but he can’t do anything to stop it.

Damon is back at Tyler’s house staring at the fireplace. Stefan comes in and asks where he has been. Damon explains he was dealing with his demons. Stefan explains that his demon is Damon, but he won’t let him go.


Matt helps Caroline out of captivity at the news station. And we find out he is working with the Huntress and could care less about Caroline’s family.