The Reverse-Flash Returns

As Cisco and Harry experiment with goggles that will allow Cisco to vibe at will, Cisco seed that Eobard Thawne is back and has kidnapped Dr. McGee and some tachyons from Mercury Labs in order to engineer a way home. Because of some timey-wimey paradoxes, this is the first time Thawne came back in time before killing Barry’s mother or stealing Dr. Wells’ identity. For some reason they think it’s cool to capture him and prevent him from doing all the stuff he will do in their past in his future. To be fair, its kind of already a paradox that their entire past hadn’t changed when Thawne ceased to exist last season. Technically that should have changed time – Barry’s mother wouldn’t have been murdered, the real Dr. Wells would still be alive, and Barry may never have become the Flash in the first place – but then if that were the case Barry would never have been able to travel in time and defeat the Reverse-Flash when he comes back to mess with stuff – which might further mean that Thawne has no interest in messing stuff up because the Flash never existed, etc. Apparently the only reason Thawne still exists to come back in time in search of the Flash is because his timeline was protected by the Speed Force. Anyway, Thawne’s capture causes further paradoxes and puts Cisco in danger of being phased out of existence. Barry and the team send Thawne back to his time in order to save Cisco, since it was really kind of pointless to keep him imprisoned in the first place.

Barry and Patty

Meanwhile, Patty prepares to move away with no protest from Barry and she feels sad and confused. She figures out that Barry is the Flash and confronts him, hoping that he’ll tell her the truth and that they can stay together and be an awesome crime fighting duo. Barry, previously on the brink of revealing his secret identity to her, now completely denies it, not wanting to put Patty in harms way or stalling her dreams by telling her he’s the Flash. She’s a crafty lady, though, and gets him to totally put himself when she calls from her train saying that there is a man with a gun threatening her. Barry shows up immediately as the Flash to find no danger at all. This unspoken revelation seems to put them at peace with each other and they go their separate ways.


Whatever Harry did to Turtle killed him and there’s no indication yet whether or not it was worth it. In the meantime, Harry helps Cisco harness his powers and save Dr. McGee from Thawne. Harry, while temperamental and often petulant, seems to really care a great deal about Cisco. Their interaction together is incredibly funny and dynamic and one of the best relationships to watch this season.

Wally and Iris

Iris seems ever to be the big sister, full of advice and support. When Francine seems to be living out her final days, iris takes the time to make peace with her and confronts Wally about not doing the same. Wally is all hurt that Francine waited 20 years and then dropped a sister and a father on him. Iris encourages Wally to see Francine before it’s too late. Wally finally decides to see her but asks Iris to go with him.