5.  Joy

Jennifer Lawrence gives another great performance that will most likely get her another Oscar nomination but the rest of the film is nothing to write home about.  Normally that wouldn’t be such a big deal but given the quality of work we’ve grown accustomed to from David O. Russell, this is a huge letdown.  While certainly not a bad movie by any means, it suffers from a disorganized screenplay, pointless narration, some annoying characters and a feeling of being slapped together.


4.  The Good Dinosaur

When Inside Out turned out to be another instant classic for Pixar, many dared to hope (including myself) this meant the studio had finally gotten their touch back, but if The Good Dinosaur is anything to go by, Inside Out looks like a fluke.  Since we’re now going to have an endure at least another two years without an original film from Pixar, I wanted very badly for this one to be good but alas it was not meant to be.  While it’s nowhere near as bad as Cars 2, it might be the studio’s most forgettable film.


3.  Pan

Granted no one was asking for a Peter Pan origin movie but I had the hope that with a respected director like Joe Wright in charge of the film, we would at least get something halfway decent.  Take a guess at how well that turned out.  It was bad enough that we got yet another “chosen one” story but on top of that the effects were R.I.P.D. levels of embarrassing.  Sure watching the pirates sing Nirvana for no reason was bizarrely entertaining but it certainly wasn’t worth putting up with the rest of this turd.


2.  Fantastic Four

I wasn’t necessarily excited for Fantastic Four but I thought at the very least it couldn’t possibly be any worse than the Tim Story films.  Apparently, even that low bar was too lofty of a goal for this movie.  Whether the blame rests on Josh Trank’s incompetence, Fox’s interference, or an unholy combination of the two, we’ll probably never know but either way it’s really telling that people can make a serious case that the Roger Corman version is the better movie.


1.  Tomorrowland

While far from the worst movie on this list, Tomorrowland was easily the most disappointing.  I was so hyped for this movie I was willing to overlook the co-writing credit from Damon Lindelof, which in hindsight should’ve been a clear sign of the movie’s doom.  Brad Bird does an excellent job with the visuals and the acting which makes the movie’s unrealized potential feel all the more wasted thanks to terrible writing.