134th Anniversary 

Lily wakes up with Julian beside her. She is clearly disturbed by being so close to him, but he is more focused on planning a party for Mary Louise and Nora’s 134th anniversary. Damon and Stefan are planning to kill Julian. In order to get the family to help them Valerie is going to tell her siblings everything.

Lily goes to a bookstore to find an anniversary gift for Nora and Mary Louise. Nora used to recite a poem in the prison world over and over. Enzo shows up, finds the book and recites the poem and then makes out with her.

Julian surprises Mary Louise and Nora with their party: it is full of humans he has been collecting just for this day. They are for whatever they want them to be. Lily arrives and she is not happy. The agreement was to feed on trespassers only, but Lily has to come off cool so she says they can feed on guests just as Damon is walking in. She follows him she and tries to convince him that she was just playing, but Damon doesn’t buy it. He says he doesn’t care if she is unlinked from Julian because he doesn’t care if she dies. She slaps him and wants to know why he doesn’t care about her. He says she is already dead to him.

Mary Louise shows Julian a ring, which she is planning to use to propose to Nora. He gives her a a huge engagement ring for her to propose with.

Mary Louise meets with Nora out by the water. She proposes and Nora says yes, and then Valerie comes along. She gathers everyone and tells them about Julian and her baby. Lily backs her up. Beau hugs her, Nora follows and Mary Louise eventually follows suit.

Attack On Julian

Stefan is a little late to arrive to the party because Caroline decided to drop the I’m pregnant bomb on him. Stefan leaves her quickly to say he has to kill Julian. With Damon’s help, he is able to torture Julian and get him tied up. But, Mary Louise doesn’t believe Valerie is telling the truth so she knocks Damon and Valerie out and helps Julian escape. Mary Louise tells Nora what she did and Nora is so upset that Julian could manipulate her that she gives back the ring.

Julian has tied up Damon and Valerie. When Lily walks in, Julian tells her she gets to pick which child of hers life. She can either be a Salvatore or with them, but not both. He hands her a stake. She tells Valeria she is sorry she didn’t see what was going on. And she asks Damon to forgive her. She says to Julian she can choose both. She stabs herself in order to kill him, but Mary Louise already unlinked them, so just Lily dies.

Nora tries to get the splinters out of Lily’s heart, but it won’t work, so they all say their goodbyes except for Damon.

Matt Donovan

Matt has decided to focus on Enzo. He finds him at Mystic Grill and then he hires an army of men to vervain Enzo and throw him into an armored vehicle. When Enzo comes to, Matt tells him he made some new friends who can help him protect Mystic Falls.

Three Years Forward

Damon is tied up in the Dallas TV station. Lily is there trying to help him, but we find out he is just poisoned with werewolf toxin. There is no hope of saving him. He tells her he is sorry. But Lily isn’t alive. Damon is just hallucinating from the toxin. Lily’s face blurs away and the real woman kicks him in the face.