It seems like an eternity since Glenn watched Nicholas commit suicide in front of him on The Walking Dead and the two fell into a herd of zombies, which started to feast. On Twitter, many people guessed that Glenn was under Nicholas and was not who was being eaten. Then, for the next three weeks, we got episodes with no closure on Glenn’s fate. That ended this week, and seemed to come from nowhere.

Honestly, I thought that they would hold off on Glenn’s fate until the second half of the season, but they launched into it immediately this week, and the Twitter prognosticators were right. Nicholas was on top and then Glenn rolled under the trash dumpster. He killed the few zombies that saw him go under and then he just laid there in silence until the rest got bored and left. That is when he realized he was not alone because Enid was also around.

For those who don’t remember, because she was kind of just annoying, Enid was the girl that Carl was making the move on in Alexandria, who ended up taking off during the attack by The Wolves. Well, she is just as horrible as ever – maybe more so. She offered Glenn some water and told him to get lost. She let him know that The Wolves attacked Alexandria, but when Glenn asked if Maggie was ok, Enid ran away and refused to answer any more questions.

Seriously, by the end of this episode, I want her to die more than just about anyone on the show.

Remember last week when Daryl refused to stop helping those three people he met, and then they stole his motorcycle and crossbow? I expect that to happen to Glenn because he demanded that Enid come back to Alexandria with him. He wouldn’t take no for an answer, no matter how much she protested. She pulled a gun on him and all he did was disarm her and then tell her he was taking her back anyway.

So, they spent most of the episode doing nothing but arguing about going back and then going back, where they released some balloons to let everyone know that he was alive.

Meanwhile, back in Alexandria, Rick is working on the wall and getting the town fortified again when he has some conversation with that one guy in the plaid shirts. Deanna’s son Spencer tries to scale a wire over the zombies, and when it snaps, Tara risks her life to keep the zombies from killing him while Rick pulls him up. When Rick yells at her, she flips him off. Oh yeah, and Deanna has plans to expand the city.

All that was just “stuff that happened.”

What was most important was that Carol decided she was going to tell on Morgan for not killing members of The Wolves with her and she, Michonne and Rick have a discussion with Morgan about killing. It didn’t go well because Morgan still don’t want to kill humans. By the end, Morgan is brining that nurse to help the member of The Wolves that he is holding captive and Carol shows up to find out who he has in there.

Honestly, all this was pretty boring. The Glenn stuff with Enid was tenuous and she is a horribly unlikeable character who needs to die. The Alexandria stuff was just filler and only the Carol-Morgan stuff mattered. However, that all ended at the end. Just when Rick gets the wall fortified and saves Spencer, and just when Maggie sees the balloons and realizes that Glenn is alive, and just when Carol is about to go crazy on Morgan – the freaking clock tower collapses onto the wall and the zombies get into Alexandria.

Next week is the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. Expect a lot of people to die. Also, expect it to be much better than this week’s episode was.