Stefan invites Lily over so he can remind her that she is choosing a psychopath. He tells her that he got Valerie pregnant in 1863 and when Julian found out, he got rid of the baby. But Lily doesn’t buy it. Stefan pours her a drink and watches as she falls over from a glass of concentrated vervain. Lily wakes up tied up to a chair. Damon and Stefan compare Julian to their father.

Bonnie and Enzo find Oscar’s car and they find a sword in the trunk. Enzo wants to stab Julian’s heart. But instead he settles to duel with Julian.


Giuseppe forced Damon to eat his pet turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Damon also continues how after dinner, Giuseppe accused Damon of stealing money. It’s clear that Damon didn’t steal it, but he confessed in order to protect Stefan. His dad burned him with a cigar to the forearm.

Lily claims she knew Giuseppe was a monster and then her neck begins bleeding. She bounded herself to Julian. If he dies, she dies.

Stefan unties Lily so her neck wound can heal. She tells him she took the money to buy three train tickets so they could leave. She just wanted to protect her boys. Then she falls over with blood soaking her blouse. Damon has shoved the sword into Julian’s body even though he knows his mother is linked to him. Enzo didn’t know Lily was linked to Julian so he punches Damon but then Julian cracks Enzo’s neck.

Julian stabs Damon and Stefan arrives and cracks Julian’s neck. Julian runs to Lily saying Damon tried to kill him knowing it would kill him. Julian picks up the sword and leaves with Lily.

Bonnie does research and finds out that the sword is a weapon. It just needs one thing to possess the power against immortal foes–the phoenix stone.

Gemini Twins

Caroline takes a pregnancy test and it says she isn’t pregnant. Caroline is thrilled she isn’t pregnant, but Alaric is depressed. Caroline meets Matt at the Grill. Julian has compelled a bunch of people who are now hooked up with saline drips. Matt says he must be fattening the people up to kill and Caroline pukes.

Caroline calls Valerie to siphon the compulsion from the people. Valerie is worried about Caroline’s condition, but Caroline says she isn’t pregnant. Beau shows up so Valerie cloaks Caroline and gets out.

Valerie convinces Caroline to take another pregnancy test. Caroline is curious how she knows so much about the spell. Valerie admits she used it on herself and tells her the story about Julian and the baby. Caroline puts the pieces together and figures out that the baby was Stefan’s.

Alaric goes with Caroline to have an ultrasound. The nurse confirms there isn’t a baby. Valerie comes in and Caroline says she isn’t pregnant. Valerie realizes the baby’s were cloaked. She touches Caroline and uses the sonogram to see two babies in her.

Taking Down Julian

Damon defends his actions to Stefan. He tried to kill Julian because he doesn’t care about Lily. Julian and Lily discuss his sword fight and how he could have killed her. He promises Lily that she was never in any danger with the sword fight. He also is shocked when she mentions his role in Valerie losing her baby. He asks for forgiveness.

Lily remembers when Giuseppe beat her for buying train tickets and asking for forgiveness. Lily heads back to the Lockwood mansion and tells them they were right. She has a plan to take Julian down.