This week we find out what happened to Merida after she separated from Emma. She was captured and taken to Arthur’s dungeon, which is where they find her. Merlin and the crew find her and Lancelot and break both of them free. Merida wants to find her wisps since Arthur took them, but the crew doesn’t care and rushes her out of the castle.

While walking Merida bonds with Belle and then distracts her and separates her from the group. She knocks her out and drags her to the Shores of DunBroch on a boat. She wants Belle to help her save her brothers. Merida wants to show the clans that she deserves to be queen because she refuses to give it up for a man. They find a witch’s house with a cauldron, where Merida realizes they can use magic to help her find her brothers. Belle creates a potion that allows them to see what Merida is dealing with: her brothers are going to be executed to pay for Merida’s treachery. Merida says she needs to change her fate to save her brother, but she needs Belle to create a potion to turn her into a bear.

Belle sees Merida practicing archery and is surprised by her ability. Merida tells her about her father. He was supportive of her and taught her how to fight, but he also gave her the emotional support she needed. Merida doesn’t think she is strong enough to take on the clans by herself, but Belle is convinced she doesn’t need magic.

They arrive at DunBroch and Merida sees her brothers are about to be killed. Belle tries to talk her out it, but Merida tells her that her father died because of her. Belle relates with her because she lost her mom and gives her the potion.

Except, when Merida drinks the potion it turns out only to be water. Belle switched it on her. Merida says she won’t give up her place on the throne and arrows through the arrows the three other leaders had shot. She destroys all three with one shot which is enough to have the clans bow down to her.


Zelena is visited by Emma. She offers Zelena an offer: the Apprentice wand in return for protection from her sister and freedom. Zelena declines because she’s gonna be a mother soon and she doesn’t want to be around that type of darkness. She also drops that she knows what Emma did to Henry and mentions her own experiences with the betrayal of a mother. Emma is certain Zelena will take her up on the offer eventually because she needs an ally, but Zelena says she doesn’t mind being alone.

Regina, Charming and Snow gather with Arthur to find out how Emma returned from Camelot as the Dark One and are finally ready to put the Crimson Crown to use. Arthur was chosen by Merlin so they want him to use the Crown. Arthur has everyone step outside and then throws the Crown into the fire. Later, they go back in and find the Crown burned. But there’s still someone in town that has been chosen by Merlin: the Author. Henry comes and drops the Crown into the potion. Merlin pops up and tells them if they want to destroy the darkness, they need someone named Nimue.

Rumple Is A Hero

Rumple still is saying he isn’t the hero Merida needs. He breaks the chipped cup and uses it to free himself. By the time Merida brings Emma, he’s gone. Emma is okay with this because she knows that Rumple will fight for Belle now. Rumple breaks into the library where Belle is looking at spell books. Rumple thanks her for not letting him die and for giving him a reason to live. He vows to protect her and be the hero that she needs and if he gets to his shop he’s got magic that will help. His leg is a reminder of what he was during the ogre wars. Belle says he is still a hero to her.

The two make it to the shop and grab a pouch of a magic, but Merida shows up shooting to kill. She tries to force Rumple to be a hero, but Belle knocks her out. Rumple wants to drive out of town, but Belle realizes he is just running away. She gets out of the car and starts to walk back to protect the people of the city. As she walks back she is cornered by Merida. She drinks from a vial and turns into a bear.

Belle runs, but tries to appeal to Merida. Rumple shows up to save Belle. Belle tells him to run, but he doesn’t. He fights Merida and he throws the magical powder at her which breaks the spell.


Back at Camelot, Emma finds Merlin staring at Apollo bars. He mentions he wants to try one, which reminds Emma about how she saw him at the movie theater back when she was younger. He asks if she remembers what he told her and reminds her that she still has the power to pull Excalibur. He warns her to leave Excalibur alone.┬áRumple makes a deal with Emma to return Merida’s heart in exchange for him pulling the sword. Emma agrees. Rumple gets the sword out, but also warns Emma that in the process of being greedy, Emma has made a mistake and made him a hero. He reminds her that he is the former Dark One.