The Future

The episode begins with Alaric messing around with a circuit board. Two girls ask if it is fixed yet. Alaric puts away what he was working on and tells the girls to go get ready for bed. They leave giggling, but the giggling ends so he goes out to them. He sees Damon outside his house. He asks if he’s going to invite him in.

Oscar Is Dead

Lily calls Damon and wants to speak to Oscar. Damon makes up an excuse and Lily reminds him that she still has Elena. Damon says this isn’t his first hostage swap and then sees Oscar is gone. He thinks he woke up and is hiding, but he is dead and shoved in a cabinet.

Bonnie wakes up and tries to grab her stuff without waking Caroline. Caroline wakes up and hugs Bonnie. Bonnie jokes that Caroline will set her on fire, but Caroline says it only works on vampires. Bonnie tells her Alaric wants to resurrect his dead wife today and Bonnie has to crush his hopes.

Stefan asks Damon how Oscar got killed. Damon says he didn’t do it and Stefan says this isn’t good and Elena is in danger.

Valerie is making breakfast to celebrate Oscar’s return. Enzo comments about her coming home late the night before. Lily arrives home saying Damon didn’t show up for the hostage swap. Lily tells Valerie that she knows about her and Stefan. Valerie brushes it off and says she should go look for Oscar, but Lily says it won’t be necessary.

Nora and Mary Louise are on the college campus. Stefan and Damon are trying to take care of Oscar when the girls knock. They want to know where Oscar is and Damon says they just missed him. He knocked Damon out and left, but they don’t believe him since he isn’t answering his phone. They leave and we see Oscar’s body dangling out of the window. A woman shows up with a note from Nora saying for every hour Oscar is not returned, a student will die, starting now. Then the girl kills herself.

There’s a ghost tour taking place right outside of Mystic Falls. Matt tells the guide to leave the town. Enzo shows up and asks if they heard about the ghost at the clock tower. They leave and Matt threatens to kill Enzo. Enzo wants Matt to let him see the town’s cameras because he wants to track a heretic.

Heaven and Hell 

Stefan brings Caroline coffee, but when their hands touch she burns him. Caroline asks if he’s talked to Valerie and he says he hasn’t. He informs her that Nora and Mary Louise are on campus killing students. She agrees to help him distract them. She is looking at a poster for a party when the girls come over. She tells them it’s a college party and it piques their interest. They tell Caroline to give them clothes. After she gives Mary Louise a red dress she asks her to take the spell off of her. She says she doesn’t want to get on Valerie’s bad side.

Stefan asks Nora to take the spell off Caroline, but she says the same thing. Mary Louise and Nora bicker over Nora’s outfit and Nora kills a student in anger. Caroline arrives at the party and finds Stefan. They are both upset that they can’t touch. Mary Louise is flirting with the bartender which makes Nora annoyed. Caroline is bothered that Stefan hasn’t talked to Valerie yet. He promises to do it once Damon deals with Oscar. She is worried he will feel for Valerie what he felt back in the day, but he says he won’t.

Bonnie is with Alaric when Damon comes in with Oscar saying they need to bring him back to life. Bonnie tries to wake Oscar, but the spell doesn’t work. Stefan calls to find out how much longer it will take to bring Oscar back to life and Damon says they are close. Bonnie tries a different spell and Oscar screams awake. Damon takes a photo with Oscar and sends it to Lily.

Mary Louise finds Nora eating the bartender. Mary Louise kills the girl and then says she needs space from Nora. Mary Louise is walking through the party. She goes for a girl when Stefan steps in front of her showing her the photo of Damon with Oscar. He asks where Nora is but she says she doesn’t know. Stefan says he could be with Caroline if she would take the spell off and knocks her out with a shot.

Oscar’s Return

Enzo comes in with a body and tells Valerie he knows she left town last night and he thinks it has something to do with Oscar. She tells him he doesn’t know what is going on, but he wants to know. Enzo threatens to tell Lily and she says she killed Oscar to stop him from bringing Julian back into Lily’s life. Enzo doesn’t want Julian back in Lily’s life either. Enzo finds Lily and asks him about Julian. She says he was the love of her life. She gets the photo text and tells him Damon found Oscar.

Oscar is desperate for more blood as Damon drives him back to Mystic Falls. Oscar rips the car door off and runs out. Matt’s car pulls up at the site of the their crash. He tells Damon about the ghost tours coming through the town. Oscar breaks into the car and grabs the tour guide. He slaughters the whole bus when Lily arrives and tells him to behave. Damon snaps his neck.

Spell is Reversed

Stefan has Nora held captive and tells Mary Louise to break the spell. She won’t and Caroline grabs her which burns her skin. She removes the spell and Stefan and Caroline break their necks and run to each other to kiss.

Mary Louise and Nora come to and apologize to each other. Nora says this world is meant to be enjoyed and Mary Louise helped her to remember that. Stefan and Caroline kiss their way to her room and she say it can’t happen yet. He says they have more history in the past five years than most people have in a lifetime. They fall onto the bed.

New Beginnings

Matt finds Valerie and pulls a gun on her. He tells her to be gone by the count of three, but Enzo comes and forces Matt to leave. Valerie says she wants to be alone. He says they both want the same thing; Julian out of Lily’s life.

Damon sets the tour bus on fire and Lily tells Damon where Elena is. He says he is moving back and she says she will ask her family about it. She says he is too scared to find out who he is without Elena.

Damon goes to the wine cellar and pulls out a vintage bottle. He tells Elena how the bottle has laid there aging while he waited for Katherine. He hide the bottle and walked away and drank bourbon. He drinks the bottle now. Damon says he doesn’t know who he is without her and he is going to find out.

Bonnie chants the spell to try and rise Jo. Stefan is in bed spooning Caroline. Lily looks at Oscar sleeping. Matt and Damon load Elena’s coffin into a trunk and Matt drives away. Alaric and Bonnie stare at Jo. Her eyes open.