The Fury of Firestorm

Dr. Stein is rapidly becoming unstable without a fusion partner, so the team begins the process of finding him a new partner. According to Caitlin’s research, there are two potential matches within the city, one an egotistical scientist named Hewitt, the other an intelligent ex-high school quarterback and car mechanic named Jax. Caitlin immediately leans toward the scientist, not seeing the potential in the athletic and underprivileged Jax. Hewitt is immediately interested, but the fusion doesn’t work. His rage and disappointment activate his latent abilities and he goes on a rampage. Meanwhile, Jax is a more likely match but uncomfortable with the leap of faith associated with becoming a superhero. Caitlin talks him into it and Jax fuses with Stein just in time to save his life and to stop Hewitt from hurting anyone. The new Firestorm takes off to undergo special training in Pittsburgh, which is probably where Legends of Tomorrow will be set. Meanwhile, Harrison Wells is witnessed stealing something from Mercury Labs. Joe is called to the scene and told about Wells, which he quickly decides to keep from Barry. At the end of the episode, however, the Flash encounters a man shark and is saved by a hooded stranger who is revealed to Barry to be Harrison Wells.

Harrison Wells

We’ve mostly just seen Earth 2’s Harrison Wells sneaking around STAR Labs (Security? What security?) and a quick glimpse of him as he absconds from Mercury Labs with his booty. Up until now we’ve been left to speculate whether this Wells is a hero or a villain. Experience tells us that the fact that he rescued Barry from the man shark is no real indication of his intentions or loyalties, but there is at least a potential that this Harrison Wells is here to help.

The Wests

More intrigue regarding Francine as it is revealed that she is sick and has less than a year to live. Iris initially decides that she would prefer their lives to remain separate, but the news that her mother is dying makes her re-examine her position. Unfortunately, Francine is not the most forthcoming of people and Iris discovers that Francine gave birth to a son eight months after she abandoned the family. There is no telling if Joe is the father or not and what that son might have had to do with Francine’s initial disappearance. Iris basically tells her that she never wants to see her again and that Joe can’t know that he might have had a son who grew up not knowing him, that it would break his heart. This long lost son, however, is very likely the Wally West and future speedster that we’ve been waiting for.

Patty and Barry

They are pretty awkward and adorable. Barry is somewhat reluctant because the way he feels about Patty isn’t the way he feels about Iris, and Barry is young enough to think that that means it isn’t real or good enough. Joe, always a man for some solid wisdom, tells Barry that he will never feel for anyone what he feels for Iris, because Iris was his first love and all loves are different. Joe tells Barry that maybe its time to try something different. It looks as if Barry had just about decided to go for it when he was snatched up by the man shark and saved by Harrison Wells.