This week deals with the aftermath of Damon’s attack kill on Malcolm. She had Enzo take Caroline at the end of last week’s episode. This week she has Beau give Stefan a witch migraine. Stefan was surprised to learn Malcolm was dead, but Lily doesn’t care; she’s keeping Caroline.

Enzo is in the Salvatore dungeon room tying Caroline up. He is using vervain rope to keep her in the chair, but she uses her charm to get him to loosen the ropes only to run away. Nora and Mary Louise are there to catch her. They chain Caroline up by the arms so she can barely touch the ground and they pump a lot of vervain into her.

Stefan catches Damon up and tells him to fix it. Damon has no luck with Lily at the house, but he does learn that she had someone else’s name put on the deed so they need to find out who that is, kill them, and then get Caroline out of the house. The only problem is that person is Matt Donovan.

In Alaric’s class he’s telling his students to stay away from Mystic Falls. After class, Bonnie and Alaric talk about how the evacuation plan isn’t work: 10 kids have been killed already because college kids love ghost towns. They also talk about the stone, which is named the Phoenix Stone. Alaric says it has resuscitative powers and he stole it from the Museum when they were in New York. Bonnie uses magic and gets flashes of death and blood. She tells Alaric that the stone is evil, but he already knows that.

The previous night Matt had been patrolling when he stumbled across two college kids across the town line. They wanted to find supernatural beings, but they are found by Mary Louise and Nora who attack them. Matt tries to stop them and ends up unconscious.

Bonnie tells Matt that he is the owner of the Salvatore House. Lily put him as the deed owner and compelled him to forget everything. Bonnie has an idea to stop Matt’s heart so Stefan and Damon can get into the house and get Caroline out. She says you can stop a heart for six minutes without damage, but Bonnie only needs 10 seconds.


Bonnie sets her phone timer and does her magic trick to stop Matt’s heart. She’s about to bring him back when she gets flashes again. We see X’s carved into people’s skin, which we see on Beau and future Stefan. It causes her to pass out.

Caroline is getting tortured by Mary Louise and Nora. Nora is nervous about what she is going to wear to Malcolm’s burial. Nora models an old dress which prompts Caroline to laugh. Mary Louise holds a coloring pencil to Caroline’s eyeball so Caroline suggests she wear one of Elena’s old dresses. She gets stabbed in the eye anyway as we hear screaming.

Valerie comes and she does a spell on Caroline and injects her again. When Caroline wakes up, Stefan is there to save her. He can’t touch her because Valerie’s spell vervained her skin, but he wraps her up in a coat and they are about to leave when they start shaking.

Lily’s Plan

Bonnie has woken up and it has been six minutes so she quickly resuscitates Matt. Damon was in charge of distracting Enzo. He wasn’t invited to the ceremony as someone had to watch Caroline. Enzo, still not 100% on Lily’s side, tells Damon that Lily thought Malcolm was more of a Salvatore than Damon was so they are burying him in the family crypt next to Elena.

At the cemetery, Lily tells her children to pull Elena’s body out of the crypt and dump it in the river. When Damon gets to the crypt he sees Elena’s gone and gets upset. Lily uses his love for Elena to get what she wants out of him.

Caroline and Stefan are shaking because the cleaning lady is signing the deed and is the new owner. Stefan gets pulled out a window, and Caroline is dragged down the stairs until Enzo compels the cleaning lady to welcome her in.

Stefan is mad that Damon left, but Damon tells him what Lily did to Elena. Lily wants Damon to leave town. She is trying to take away everything they love. Damon and Stefan decide to pretend to separate while Damon looks for the sixth heretic to negotiate a trade with Lily.

Alaric tells Bonnie that he’s destroyed the Phoenix Stone which Bonnie believes. Alaric goes to the morgue to test the stone on Jo, but tests it on a kid who sneaked into Mystic Falls. Alaric puts the stone on the kid’s chest; he comes back to life for a few seconds, until Alaric pulls the stone off his chest.

Enzo is playing the guitar and reveals he has romantic feelings for Lily. And Caroline learns that Valerie has romantic feelings for Stefan. She carries around one of his journals where he talks about how they met at a county fair.

Three Years In The Future

Three years into the future we see Caroline is working as a TV news producer in Texas, She’s engaged to someone who knows about Mystic Falls, but isn’t Stefan. She never wants to hear the name Stefan ever again. Someone shows up at the station and stakes Caroline’s assistant before staking her.