Flash of Two Worlds

Jay Garrick comes to STAR Labs to tell Barry that his world is in danger from a man called Zoom. Jay got sucked into the singularity and ended up on Barry’s world, but unfortunately lost his speed powers in the process. Barry, distrustful of anyone offering help and guidance after being betrayed by Harrison Wells, is difficult to convince. Meanwhile, a meta-human called Sand Demon is brought across by Zoom and is told to kill Barry Allen in order to return home. Jay offers to help, but Barry declines. Meanwhile, a police officer named Patty Spivot hounds Joe to join the Meta-Human Task Force, but Joe doesn’t want to put anyone else at risk. Her persistence gets her kidnapped by Sand Demon as bait for the Flash. Joe feels responsible, while Barry and Patty clearly share a connection. Barry asks for Jay’s help while Cisco works on how to locate Sand Demon. Cisco uses his newfound powers to gain some insight and sends Barry to the location, warning him that Sand Demon may use a concussive bomb as a diversion. Jay and Barry decide to create a diversion of their own, sending Jay in as an unexpected surprise while Barry speeds in to save Patty while Sand Demon is distracted. Barry throws his speed lightning at Sand Demon and turns him into glass, shattering him. Joe lets Patty on the task force, Iris’s absent mother turns up at the CCPD to confront Joe, Cisco reveals his powers to Stein but makes him promise to keep his secret, Stein collapses mysteriously, and another Harrison Wells is revealed to be the founder of STAR Labs in an alternate universe. It turns out that there are multiple breaches between universes across the city, the largest one being right in the center of STAR Labs.

Jay Garrick

The Crimson Comet has a lot he can teach Barry. He’s obviously a bit older, more experienced, maybe wiser, and definitely has the advantage of having faced the meta-humans from his own world now crossing over into Barry’s. He seems a little bland, but that seems like a stylistic choice based on the classic era style of his world. Think Chris Evans as Captain America and how his manner and bearing is different from his teammates because of the era he’s from. It will also be interesting to see how Jay fits in without his speed powers, how he lost them, and how he might go about getting them back. Caitlin also seems to be fighting an attraction to Jay, which could definitely cause some problems later.

Patty Spivot

In the comics Patty starts out as Barry’s lab assistant who for some time harbors an unrequited crush on him. Barry, of course, goes on to marry Iris, so the two become good friends and work partners. In the show, she presents as a smart, capable, persistent, and passionate officer of the law, determined to help others avoid the same fate as her father who was killed by the Mardon brothers. She and Barry also seem to share some chemistry, displaying some adorable connections while also dealing with the awkwardness of new acquaintance and possible attraction.

The Wests

We knew that Joe has been a single dad for a long time, raising not only Iris, but taking in the eleven year old Barry after his mother’s murder. While I didn’t actively think about it, there is that nagging question about what happened to Iris’s mother and how Joe became a single dad. Well, she’s not dead. She shows up to the CCPD to confront Joe after apparently having left several unreturned messages. When asked what she was doing there, she says she wanted to see Joe and their daughter. Why the sudden desire to reconnect and what took her away in the first place are still questions very much up for speculation.