The episode begins with the dwarfs paranoid about Emma’s new curse. They drive to the town line and have Dopey go over the line. At first everything is fine until he turns into a tree.

Six Weeks Ago

The heroes have just arrived at Camelot where they are introduced to Guinevere and Merlin–or rather, the tree that Merlin is stuck in. Arthur is curious why they want to free Merlin and Charming tells him they need him to save their home from the Dark One. Arthur asks who the savior is and Regina steps forward, using the dagger to silence Emma.

Regina and Emma are searching Merlin’s tower for something to free him. Emma is mad Regina used the dagger to keep her quiet, but Regina says she prevented her from using dark magic to solve their problems.

A knight offers Regina a necklace to wear to the ball in honor of her being the savior. Regina comes to Snow and Charming and tells them she isn’t going to the ball because she needs to figure out this Merlin situation. They press her on the real reason and she says its because she doesn’t know how to dance. Snow says they can teach her and Charming offers her a hand. Regina changes out of her pantsuit into former Evil Queen garb and Snow suggests something less evil looking. Charming takes her hand and they start to dance. We see that the gem is a way for the knight to watch them.

Snow helps Emma get ready for the ball and tells her about her first ball and how she couldn’t wait to share it with her own daughter. They are announced and enter the ball together before Regina is announced.

Snow sees Henry checking out a girl and Charming goes over to tell him to go say hi. Henry goes over to her and pulls out his ipod. She asks if he’s a knight and he tells her he is a writer. He shows her how to put the earbud into your ear and plays a song. She tells him her name is Violet.

Robin and Regina are dancing when Percival, the guy who gave Regina the necklace, asks her to dance. He asks her who she is and that years ago his village in the Enchanted Forest was set on fire. His family was killed and the woman who did it spotted him and smiled at him. She asks if he was the boy and he says yes and she’s the Evil Queen. She asks who he has told and he tells her he has told no one. He goes to attack her and Robin runs to save her. Emma goes to use her magic, but Hook grabs her hand and says no dark magic. Charming attacks Percival and kills him, but Robin was also stabbed and is gravely wounded.

Regina tries to save him, but can’t because the sword Percival used was enchanted to kill her. Regina begs Emma to heal him. Hook doesn’t want her to, but Regina says she could use the dagger, but she won’t. Emma uses her magic, but is warned by Rumple that there is a price to all magic. Emma says she will pay, but Rumple says Regina will have to pay. She heals Robin, kisses Hook and walks away to heal. Rumple tells Emma she liked the power. Emma just says she did what needed to be done. He shows her hand is glowing with the gold color that Rumple has.

Excalibur Whole

Arthur tells Regina that what Percival did was inexcusable. Regina tells him she was the Evil Queen and Arthur says Camelot is a place of second chances. He believes if she could save Robin with her magic, she must be the savior that Merlin prophesied.

Arthur is at his round table when Gwen says she doesn’t like the strangers and who knows what other trouble will come. Arthur says he needs the dagger so he can make his sword whole. He lays Excalibur on the table.


Hook comes to Belle and asks why true love’s kiss didn’t work for her and Rumple. She tells him it did work at first, but Rumple chose power over love. Hook believes that won’t happen to Emma.

Henry is at the docks and summons Emma by saying her name three times. She appears and says he doesn’t have to be afraid of her. Henry asks what happened in Camelot and says he is sorry he failed her. She says he didn’t fail her, the others did. Regina shows up and tells Emma to get away from Henry and that they won’t stop until they get their memories back. Emma says the curse will be hard to break because there is no savior. Regina says they will find a way. Henry says Regina will the savior, but Emma says she doesn’t have it in her. Emma warsn here there is trouble heading to Storybrooke that only a savior can handle.

The dwarfs are walking down Main Street discussing how to handle Dopey as a tree when horses ride down Main Street. Arthur tells them to kneel before a King and asks where he is. They tell him it was a curse that brought him there and that Emma was the Dark One and she cast the curse. Arthur says they must use the dagger to defeat her, to which they respond she has the dagger.

Robin comes and says more people from Camelot came with the curse. Regina tells Snow that this can’t be what Emma warned them about so something else must be coming. Robin has rounded up the people of Camelot and are helping them. He asks Regina what Emma said. She says Emma doesn’t believe she can protect this town, but Robin reassures her she can.

Arthur is reunited with Guinevere. She asks him where Excalibur is and he says it was missing when he arrived. All of a sudden a dark thing drops down behind Robin and takes him. Regina shoots fire at it, but the creature knocks her down and goes for Robin again. Snow comes over to her and says she needs medical attention, but Regina takes it as they are doubtful she can be the Savior.

Hook looks for Emma and begs her not to make him summon her. She shows up and poofs them to her new house. She says they can still be together even though she’s the Dark One. He goes for a locked door, but she stops him by handing him a drink and he kisses her deeply. He’s upset the kiss didn’t change her. Emma can tell he has talked to Belle. Emma says it didn’t work because there’s nothing to fix. Hook wants to know what happened in Camelot, but she says she can’t tell him. Emma says she is sick of talking and asks if he wants to stay. Hook says sorry and walks away.

A Fury

Belle tells Regina she has found something on the creature. It is a Fury and it comes to collect the unpaid price of magic. Belle says it has come for a life. The portal to the underworld can only be opened when the moon reaches its zenith. The only way to save Robin’s life is for someone to give their life in his place.

Regina comes looking for Emma. Regina tells her she knows the only way to stop a Fury is to pay the price and she won’t sacrifice someone to save Robin. Regina says this is Emma’s test, not hers. Emma tells her she did not call the Fury and the price is not hers to pay. She says someone didn’t pay the price of magic in Camelot and Regina needs to do what needs to be done if she wants to be the savior.

The Fury drops Robin off at the shore to wait for the portal to open. Regina runs up and yells stop–she tells the fury to take her life instead. Snow goes after her and takes her hand. Leroy, Arthur and Charming all follow suit. The furys sucks some purple magic off them and flies away. They won.

At Grannys later, Hook is sitting when Belle comes over. He tells her he tried kising Emma and it didn’t work. He says he will spend decades trying to save her. Violet is checking out the jukebox when Henry comes over. He plays the same song he played in Camelot.┬áCharming tells Snow they will be okay and they will win and get Emma back. She says if they win, Emma loses. Outside we see Emma watching everyone in the diner before heading down the street.

The Sword In The Stone

Back at her house we see Emma has the dagger. Rumple shows up and asks if she is feeling left out. She tells him she embraced the darkness already, but he says there is more work and opens the cellar door. There has always been one thing that held back the Dark Ones and that was family and friendships. They can’t escape the reach of the light.

He tells Emma she can change that and that’s why she brought the sword here. She can make the weapon whole again and use it to snuff out the light. She has the stone and Excalibur is in it. She touches the sword and it blows her back. Rumple laughs and says if she wants the sword, she has to pay the price.