Hating movies before they come out is something of a norm for people online. If anything comes out, true or not, that diminishes a beloved property, expect fans online to express their hatred and disgust at the project.

No movie franchise exemplifies this more than Ghostbusters. Ignore the fact that there already was a sequel that wasn’t very good. The fact is that Bill Murray has shrugged off the movie franchise for so long that it seemed that none of the original fans really cares that much anymore.

Well, that was before an all-female Ghostbusters movie was green-lit. The stars are Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon and the director is Paul Feig. Forget the fact that Feig directed Eiig and McCarthy in the great Bridesmaids and then directed McCarthy again in the wonderfully funny Spy. This is Ghostbusters and fans were ready to hate it from the start.

So, Paul Feig finally got tired of it. Check out his responses to fans on Twitter who were ripping the movie that they have not yet even seen.

Before you think Paul Feig hates everyone, he had some kind words to say to someone who came to his defense.

Wow. It seems that someone was getting sick of all the negativity, and he probably has a point. The Internet sometimes makes it hard to enjoy anything.

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