Keanu Reeves hasn’t had the most successful career since he finished the Matrix trilogy, but easily one of his best movies over the last decade was John Wick, a brutally fun thriller where Reeves plays a former hit man brought out of retirement when a hit is put out on him.

Now, the best news is that John Wick 2 is in the works, and while sequels are not always welcome or close to as good as the original, the first movie was so much fun that we might be willing to give this one a chance. If it even comes close to the first movie, we should have another fun action movie to watch. Of course, it could be more like the Taken series, which went on for just a little too long.

Anyway, the filming for John Wick 2 starts this fall. The news came as production company Thunder Road promotes their latest movie Outlaws Inc. (an adaptation of the Matt Potter non-fiction novel about black market organizations in the secret corners of the world). The press release for this movie basically just said that John Wick 2 starts filming this fall, and that is about it. It does mentioned that screenwriter Derek Kolstad is returning.

If you haven’t seen the first John Wick yet, go see it. It is available on DVD and Blu-ray (and you can order it with this link right here from Amazon). Trust me, if you love action movies, you will not be disappointed.

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