One of the biggest complaints about DC Comics superhero movies is that they are too serious. When Batman Begins and The Dark Knight came out, people loved them and the reality that went with them. Fatigue came with The Dark Knight Rises and then Man of Steel made a lot of fans mad because it was “too dark” for a Superman movie.

I personally loved Man of Steel, but respect those fans who wanted their Superman to be more heroic and less edgy. Now, with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on the horizon, people are scared that all DC Comics movies will be dark and edgy.

That might change with the latest rumors.

According to The Tracking Board, the site that originally reported that Booster Gold movie was in development, that film is now a buddy cop superhero movie and The Blue Beetle is the second character. For those who don’t read comics, these two were one of the most popular duos in comics for a number of years.

The plan is for Greg Berlanti (Flash) to direct the film with Zak Penn (The Incredible Hulk) to write it. There is no word on the casting, but Nathan Fillion has said in interviews that he would love to star as Booster Gold.

For non-comic book readers:

Booster Gold is Michael Jon Carter, a football star from the future who loses everything when he is caught betting on his own games. He steals a super powered suit, and alongside a robot called Skeets, heads back in time and uses his knowledge of past tragedies to avert them and become a hero.

Blue Beetle, at the time he teamed with Booster Gold, was Ted Kord, a technical genius who takes over the mantle of the Blue Beetle from a legendary hero. He has no super powers, but uses his genius to create weapons and a super powered suit. However, DC Comics has a new Blue Beetle named Jaime Reyes, a teenage Latino hero who gains the powers of the Blue Beetle through a scarab that gives him mystical abilities.

There is no word on when this is planned, as DC Comics has released a schedule of movies through 2019.