…And the Beast from the Sea

As Francis Dolarhyde’s relationship with Reba develops, he fights against the Red Dragon to keep her safe. Dolarhyde calls Hannibal for counsel and Hannibal suggests that he give the Red Dragon someone else so that Reba may live. Hannibal gives Dolarhyde Will Graham’s home address and tells him to “save yourself, kill them all”. Dolarhyde poisons the dogs enough so that they live but that they’re out of the way for the night and goes after Molly and Walter. Molly hears the creak of the porch outside as Dolarhyde approaches and she and Walter smartly escape murder. Will nearly leaves the investigation but realizes that he and his family will never be safe until the Red Dragon is captured. Dolarhyde, having failed to kill Molly and Walter, breaks up with Reba because he’s terrified he’ll kill her. Alana and Jack realize that Hannibal has been in contact with the Red Dragon and set up a phone tap that ends up leading nowhere. Alana keeps her promise and takes Hannibal’s books, drawings, and toilet from him as punishment for his part in hurting Will and his family.


Hannibal continues his mission to get Will’s family out of the way so that Will is open to his influence. To Hannibal, Will is his only family and they belong together. Will having a family beyond Hannibal is just unacceptable, as is Will’s resistance to Hannibal’s friendship. He uses Dolarhyde’s admiration for him to manipulate him into carrying out his bidding. Of course, Hannibal pays the price for messing with Will. As Alana promised, all of Hannibal’s amenities are removed from him, including his toilet. One wonders what is to become of Hannibal at the end of the season. Will he remain in the institution, or will he perhaps escape Silence of the Lambs style?


As with the first two film adaptations of Red Dragon, Dolarhyde genuinely loves Reba, nearly seeing her as his one chance of salvation. Of course, the Red Dragon demands her sacrifice, and having failed to kill Will’s family, he seems to be left with no choice. In a last ditch attempt to save her life, Dolarhyde breaks up with Reba but fears that she won’t give up that easily. If she comes to his house to try to talk, he fears the Red Dragon will come down and take her. Very likely that’s exactly what Reba will do.

Then there’s the timeline of events that make the upcoming finale a bit of a mystery. Originally, Dolarhyde’s attempt on Will’s family is how he is caught. Since that failed attempt came and went without his apprehension, the series of events for the end of the season is really anyone’s guess.

Will and Molly

The more Will and Molly interact the more I love them as a couple. They’re conversations are so dynamic, so honest, funny, and aware. They understand each other perfectly. Any suspicion that Will simply made himself a family to keep him sane is dispelled seeing how suited he and Molly are to each other. Sure, his family probably is what keeps him sane, but his dedication to them goes beyond that. He really does just love them.