Bonnie is tossing in her sleep. She wakes up and thinks she sees Elena but it’s Lily. Bonnie gets ready to attack, but Lily vamps out at Bonnie. Bonnie runs right into Kai. Her magic doesn’t work because he took all her magic while she slept.

Elena wakes her up from her nightmare and says they have to help Jo get ready for her wedding. Jo is missing her shoes and is freaking out. Elena gets a call that Jo’s wedding coordinator has the flu, but luckily Caroline shows up and says she will handle everything.

Caroline sends chore lists to everyone to complete for the wedding. She gets scared when Elena almost touches a curling iron. She asks what it’s like being human again. Elena says it’s slower, but she doesn’t have to wear a daylight ring anymore. Caroline apologizes for everything she said when her switch was off. She is on the amend tour and wanted to start easy. Elena tells Caroline that Damon said he wanted to take the cure with her. Caroline is shocked.

Enzo shows up and Bonnie tries to slam the door on him. He says he is there for Lily. Bonnie hears Lily talking to herself and when she gets close, Lily tries to grab her.¬†Elena covers up Elena’s bruise as Bonnie worries there might be a loophole and Lily might be able to get her family without an Ascendant.

Bonnie tells Matt that Lily is desiccating and hungry and that she has been having Kai nightmares.

Stay a Vampire

Damon is with Stefan who is trying to convince him not to take the cure.

Stefan has Damon at a house and makes him a meal in the microwave and says that’s dinner since neither he nor Elena can cook and they will be busy with other stuff. Stefan says he won’t be able to compel annoying people and that he will have to get a job. And he can’t know where Damon is because people will want to kill human Damon. Damon flips a paper at Stefan and says he is ready to give Elena everything she wants and has already bought a bar.

Stefan calls Elena and says Damon has thought this through and has her life planned out. She tells him to push him. Elena keeps tossing back drinks when Jo comes in. She is worrying and then suddenly collapses. Later, Elena tells Alaric that the babies are fine and they think she had a panic attack.

Stefan asks Damon what if he and Elena aren’t soul mates. He grabs Damon’s head and we see a scenario. He is at the kitchen counter when Elena comes home from a long day at the hospital. She blows him off and leaves him drinking alone. Damon shoves Stefan off and argues Elena has a job. Stefan pushes again and we see Damon coming home and kissing her drunk. He says she was the one who wanted him to own a bar. He says the bar is more affectionate than her. She tells him to do what he wants, but he says he can’t because he isn’t a vampire anymore. They argue and say this was a mistake. Damon shoves Stefan back. Stefan says even if they do stay together, Elena could die at any moment.

Damon comes home alone, grabs a TV dinner and watches TV with a bottle in his hand. Stefan lets go. Damon asks what he should do and Stefan says he and Elena can’t tell him. He tells Damon he has to want to be human for himself.

Elena gets Jo to the wedding. Stefan arrives and Caroline runs off. Elena asks if Stefan wants Damon to take the cure. Stefan says no he doesn’t want him to. When he was human he was sweet and aimless, but not not strong. Damon sits outside the house watching the kids play. The ball comes at Damon and he crushes it.


Matt and Bonnie go to the basement to find Lily, but she is gone. A force seems to be choking the life out of them and they both pass out. Enzo is at the bar when Lily shows up. She tells him she won’t be going on a ripper binge because she’s getting her family back.

Caroline is busy when Stefan confronts her. She says she is running a wedding, but he asks to talk to her about Damon taking the cure. She says it isn’t as bad as forcing someone to turn off their humanity. She says she made a list of the thing she’s done since she fell from him last summer and how she really needed him to care for her when her mother was dying and he didn’t.

He says he forgives her. She hates the way her feelings for Stefan have made her feel. He says she’s a control freak and she has lost control because she has fallen for someone. She says control is all she has right now and can’t give it up.

Damon finds Elena and says he has made up his mind. We see he compelled the kid to go get his mom’s car keys so he could get to the wedding, but then an older couple get out of their car bickering and then they stop, kiss, and laugh their way into their house. He tells her he is taking the cure. She says he can’t take it for her, but he says he can and he can take it for them.

Even if they don’t work out he wants to take that risk for the smallest chance at a perfect life with her. They end up having sex in the hay loft when the wedding gets ready to start. They come rushing in and Caroline asks if they saw Bonnie or Matt.

The Wedding

Matt wakes to see Bonnie bleeding from a wound to her wrist. He wakes her and she says she was and then stops talking weakly. The wedding starts and Alaric starts his vows. He slides a ring on Jo’s finger. She smiles and then she starts hers, but then she writhes in pain. There’s blood coming out her abdomen. Kai is there and says he was going to wait. He uses magic to create a sound that affects everyone. He blows out all of the windows. Elena goes down after a bunch of glass explodes.