Caught at a B&B

We begin with Stefan bringing Caroline to a hotel room. Caroline asks why they are at a a B&B. We are told that he is pretending his switch is still off. He plans to torture her until she breaks. Elena is worried that if Caroline finds out that they are trying to flip the switch she might go on a killing spree. She also finds out that Stefan and Caroline slept together when they were both off their humanity. Stefan says he needs to remind her of the things she cares about and then Elena will give her a letter from her mom.

Stefan calls for towels and says they can eat the delivery boy. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Damon and he shoots them both.

Later, Caroline wakes up in bed covered in blood. She asks what happened and he says they both got caught.¬†Stefan says they are drying them out and Caroline asks how they even know where they were. Elena comes to the door. Caroline asks if this was her idea because when Elena turned her humanity off she tried to kill Bonnie. Elena gives her the letter from her mother. Stefan takes it and asks Caroline if it’s real and she confirms it’s her mother’s handwriting. Caroline says she doesn’t want to read it and tells Stefan to burn it. He wants to read it, because if he burns it and her humanity back she may hate him for it, but Caroline insists and they burn it.

Elena is upset that Caroline burned the letter. Damon says Elena sucks at torture, but he doesn’t. Elena tells Damon that Jo is pregnant. Damon then asks if she were human like them, where would she be in five years. She says she would be in the surgical residency program and he would own the bar they live above and they would have two kids. She kisses him and he says she has it all figured out. She asks him where he would be in five years, but Caroline screams that it’s torture having to listen to them.

Damon comes back and drops off crime reports from all their killings and how her mom would have had a tough time covering all these up. Caroline throws back that Elena and Damon play make believe and that Elena is just settling in a life as a vampire.

The Cure

Elena comforts Damon by saying Caroline is wrong. Damon throws back that when she was human she chose Stefan. She agrees she will never be 100% okay with being a vampire, but she can live with it because she loves him. Lily calls Damon and she asks where the Ascendant is. He says he doesn’t know. She says if he doesn’t find it she will destroy something important to him. She has the cure and she will crush it if he doesn’t get the Ascendant.

Damon finds Bonnie getting ready to destroy the Ascendent. He says he needs it and that Kai won’t be let out. He also tells her that his mom will destroy the cure if he doesn’t give the Ascendant back to her. She says if he wanted to give Elena the cure he would have already. She can tell he is scared of what Elena will do if she has the cure. She hands him the Ascendent, but he doesn’t take it.

Damon comes back to Lily and says he doesn’t have the Ascendant. She tosses the box into the fire and says she knows he is relieved that Elena will never leave him.

Elena finds candles and a box set out for her. Lily says Damon made the choice for her and she should be happy. Elena comes in and asks Damon if this is the cure. Lily tells Elena that she left it for her because Damon wasn’t going to.

Enzo meets with Lily and reminisces about the time he was sick and his family left him. He values loyalty more than anything. She says cars are so quiet now. We see earlier she had almost been hit, but once she heard his heart she ripped the man apart. Enzo holds her while she cries.

Elena sits with the cure and tells Damon the talk about the future was because of this. Elena says she never thought she would see the cure again. He says his mom threatened to destroy it and he was going to let her. Elena’s fantasy scared the hell out of him.

Damon says all he sees in five years is her, but he wants her to have the life she wants. Elena says they can give it away, but he says no one wants it. Elena says she doesn’t want to live without him and he says he is going to take it with her and become human too.

Caroline’s Return

Caroline comes onto Stefan, but realizes he flipped back. She snaps his neck and breaks down the door.

Caroline is speeding and pulled over a cop. But the cop is her mother. She tells her to get out of the car. Caroline pleads to her mother, but she says her daughter is compassionate. Caroline wakes from the vision that Stefan had put in her head. He says he can help her if she takes his hand, but she stabs him instead. He begs her to stop and goes back into her head. He sees the letter her mom was writing when he came to sew up the bear episodes ago. He says this is a real memory. Liz tells Stefan she hopes he and Caroline get together, but he says the timing isn’t right. He tells her she is a good mom and Caroline pulls the stake out and begs to see the rest. She tries to get into the door, but it’s closed since Stefan walked out and the memory is over.

She starts crying and wants to read the letter. He says he gave it to her already. She cries and touches the ashes of the letter. She breaks down and says she has ruined everything and that she is sorry.

Stefan goes to see her later. She says nothing can be okay after everything she has done. She promises she won’t turn it off and leaves.