When the first images and teasers came out for the Marvel Netflix Daredevil series, one of the most noticeable things was that Daredevil was wearing a basic, simple, black outfit with a black mask over half his face. This was a huge shock for people who grew up recognizing Daredevil from his iconic red (and yellow before that) costume.

However, Daredevil showrunner Steven S. DeKnight explained why he is in a black costume … and it makes perfect sense.

“Without giving too much away, this show is Matt learning to be a hero,” DeKnight told Empire. “He starts in that first iteration of the Daredevil outfit which is taken very much from Frank Miller and The Man Without Fear. But I always questioned [the main costume]. I mean, one, he’s blind. Did he stitch it together himself? How did he manage all that? So, actually getting him to that point I thought was really interesting.”

So, how many of you out there even considered the fact that a blind man was making all these costumes – which get destroyed on a regular occasion. Does Daredevil just sit at home knitting his own costumes when not fighting crime or working as an attorney? These are things I never think about when reading comics, but now I can’t get the questions out of my head.**

When does Captain America find the time to make his new costume? That is a huge question that we don’t need answered, but I may never get out of my head now. Well, at least for the Daredevil Netflix show, we have an answer.

“In the end, somebody else [in the story] makes his Daredevil costume,” said costume designer Stephanie Maslansky. “What’s really exciting is the evolution of it, and how he comes to have it made.”

So, this means that Daredevil will reveal his identity to someone. Will Foggy Nelson be who makes his costumes or will Daredevil just pay some tailor to make his costumes?

In one last bit of news from Empire, the show will be harder edged than the movies, but only slightly. DeKnight said it could be a PG-16, almost an R but not quite.


** By the way, there is an answer to this question. Leo Zelinsky is a tailor in the Marvel Comics who made costumes for The Thing and soon had the Avengers and X-Men commissioning him to make their costumes as well. He got so famous, that one day Doctor Doom wanted his cape fixed and he had to alternate days for heroes and villains.