The episode starts with the flashback we saw last week before Caroline’s mom dead. We saw Caroline riding her bike on her own, but now we see that she crashed and needed her mom to fix her up. She asks if her cuts mean she is going to die which leads Caroline to ask her mom if she is going to die. Her mom says everyone dies, but it won’t be for a long time. Caroline wakes up from her sleep in the Salvatore house surrounded by her friends.

She goes to the kitchen where she finds Damon trying to write Liz’s eulogy. Damon tries to explain that he thinks Liz wanted to teach him a lesson about his own mother. Caroline does not want to bond with Damon. Damon tells her that this won’t be the worst day of her life. That will be the next week when her support group has gone back to their life and she is without her mom.┬áCaroline sets out with Elena to go casket shopping.

Stefan is checking on Damon to see how his eulogy is going, but he really wants to know about what he should do about Caroline. He tells him that he kissed Caroline, but he doesn’t know how to handle it. Damon tells him to let Caroline go because if she was the one Stefan wouldn’t have come to Damon to talk about what to do. He says Stefan has been in love twice and he knows what it feels like. And if it doesn’t feel like that then he should let her go, but not today.

While looking at casket’s Caroline and Elena have a similar conversation. Caroline needs to know how Stefan feels and she needs to know today.

Save Me

Kai shows up on Jo’s doorstep vomiting blood. Jo herself has been throwing up all morning as well. Kai thinks it has to do with him merging with the wrong twin. And if he dies, the entire coven dies and all the prison worlds collapse. He wants Jo to give him her magic.

Jo thinks about giving up her magic and Alaric promises to support her no matter what and tells her that he loves her. Jo decides to give Kai her magic.

Jo starts to transfer her magic to Kai which gives Bonnie the opportunity to get back to her world. She begins to do the spell when a woman in a 1903 outfit shows up.

Before Kai leaves he tells Jo that she is pregnant. Alaric takes the news and proposes to Jo which she accepts.

Going Home

Bonnie has succeeded in getting Qetsiyah’s headstone and has sucked the magic out of it so she shouldn’t be stuck there anymore.

But with everything happening with Kai, Bonnie is pulled from the old prison world where it was time for an eclipse and is put into a snowy tundra where she finds a house with pictures of Damon and Stefan. She finds a journal and it turns out it is November 1, 1903.

The Funeral

Damon hasn’t finished his eulogy when Elena comes to get him for the funeral. She says that he needs to be a nice person and that the funeral isn’t for Liz or him it’s for Caroline. Damon flashed back to his mother’s funeral and how he met up with a crying Stefan after missing his eulogy.

Caroline is at the church when Stefan comes in. She tells him that she was trying to put him into a category so that she’d know what to say to him, but she didn’t know what category he would be in. Stefan tells her that now is not the time.

The funeral starts and we see the service members honor her. Damon gets up and does his speech where he tells Caroline how proud Liz was of her. Caroline gets up and sings a song for her mom, and it’s in that moment that Stefan sees Caroline in a completely different light.

After the service everyone goes to the Mystic Grill where Matt tells Tyler his future plans. He plans to honor Sheriff Forbes by being an officer and he hopes Tyler joins him.

After The Funeral

Bonnie and Damon do reunite. She runs and jumps into his arms. Then she shows him the video of the moment she escaped and the woman turns out to be his mom.

Caroline leaves the Grill and heads home with Elena close behind. Elena figured out what Caroline is planning to do. She wanted to get through this day because she doesn’t plan to feel anything tomorrow. Caroline is flipping her humanity switch. Elena tries to talk her out it, but Caroline needs the pain gone. When Elena hugs her she snaps her neck.

Stefan meets up with Damon and tells him he is wrong about Caroline. Damon tells him to go to Caroline, but when he arrives Elena is on the floor and Caroline is gone.