The fate of Constantine is not yet known. The NBC television show has not fared as well as NBC, and fans of the Hellblazer comics on which it is based, had hoped. Of course, the big reason for its stumbling has to be largely due to its Friday night timeslot, a horrible place for a genre television show. However, Constantine might get a new lease on life because NBC is considering moving it over to SyFy and re-naming it Hellblazer.

That might be for the better, as SyFy is a better fit than NBC and network television. On a cable outlet, they might go a bit further and SyFy would give it a bit more leniency when it comes to the ratings. It also might be nice to get it off Friday nights.

Anyway, talked to Matt Ryan, who is just about perfect as John Constantine, about the future of the show, and particularly what stories from the Hellblazer comics that he would like to see adapted on the small screen. This first season has already seen A Feast of Friends, and there are a lot of amazing stories from the pages of the comic that could be played out on the show.

Of course, the biggest story is Dangerous Habits, where John learns he has lung cancer and makes a deal with the Devil(s) that changes the course of his entire comic book run. That was part of the story in the Constantine movie, and while that was a great fun movie, it really didn’t play the story out with the respect that it deserved. When asked about that specific story, Ryan said that it could come, but wouldn’t be something they would approach in season two and would wait for further down the line.

ConstantineThat makes it sound like Matt Ryan is optimistic that Constantine will not only return to television, but get a long life before all is said and done. I hope he is right. Here is a little of what he said about the stories he would like to approach on the show.

“I also love, and what could be a possibility for Season Two I think, is the Family Man arc, Ryan said “What I like about that is, it’s not John dealing with demons and devils, it’s him dealing with human beings and I think that’s a very interesting place for John. I think there’s actually a line in the comic where he says, ‘Demons, devils I’m fine with, but the real life, the real problems that human beings have.’”

The first season of Constantine ends this week with its 13th episode, Waiting for the Man, and will feature the return of both Papa Midnite and Jim Corrigan (The Spectre in the comics). Tune in for that final episode and let NBC know you want to see Constantine return in one form or another for another season. The Constantine season 1 finale airs Friday night, February 13th at 8pm EST on NBC.

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