Bonnie’s Birthday

This week’s episode features Bonnie’s birthday with Bonnie herself telling us. Back in the present day, Elena and Caroline already know and are planning a party to celebrate Bonnie. Except Caroline is bothered by 1994 Ms Cuddles staring at her so she decides to go find the original Ms Cuddles that she buried when she was 9. So Caroline and Stefan head to the woods to find the bear.

Kai’s Transition

Damon and Elena are enjoying cupcakes and discussing their kiss last week. She is cool with the kissing and she wants to continue right now. But then Kai comes in.

Since his merge with Luke, Kai has been experiencing something he has never had to deal with which is empathy. He wants Elena to give Jo a letter so she can know he is sorry for destroying their family. But in return, Elena gets Kai to help them reach Bonnie.

Kai agrees after Damon guilt trips him. His plan is to tell Bonnie to go to Nova Scotia and use Silas’ headstone which is covered in Qetsiyah’s magical blood.

Saving Bonnie

But when Jeremy finds out that Damon and Elena are working with Kai he is not supportive. He doesn’t understand the switching personalities overnight thing. But Kai explains that Elena did the same thing. Human Elena was good and loved Stefan but then she became a vampire and she wanted Damon. Kai’s speech works and Jeremy is in. Kai explains that it will be like the movie “Ghost” with Bonnie being Demi Moore and them being the Patrick Swayze. She won’t be able to see them, but it’s the only thing he can think of. And it works. But by the time they get to Bonnie, she is opening the bottle of bourbon that Damon says it the one they were saving for when they planned to kill themselves. Kai loses the spell and they wake up in the present day.

Kai informs them that he was the only one who couldn’t die in the magical world since it was created for him, but Bonnie can. They want to go back in, but Kai isn’t strong enough so Jeremy has him send only him back.

Damon and Elena talk about her choices over the same bottle of bourbon Bonnie was drinking. She asks if she thinks what Kai said was true. Did she completely change when she became a vampire and does she think they would be together if she were human? Damon say no. She had her choice and she chose Stefan. She was on her way to Stefan and then she turned and it was all about Damon. But before they can continue they are trapped in the room while Jeremy goes back in time.

Liv’s Revenge

Liv decides she wants to kill Kai. She knocks Tyler out and stabs Kai in the stomach which pulls Jeremy out. Kai throws a fork into Liv’s neck, but when he goes to burn her his emotions take over and he can’t. She puts the fork in his chest. Jeremy finally acts and stabs Liv with a knife and moves Kai to the kitchen, where he asks to be sent back to save Bonnie.

Jeremy watches Bonnie drink the last of the bourbon and heads to the garage. She turns on Damon’s car and turns on a camera to leave a message for her friends. But when she starts telling Jeremy to fight for the life he wants and to stay strong she remembers that’s what her Grams would always say to her and she decides to live. But she’s too weak to reach the door. Jeremy is able to open the garage door and save her.

Moving On

Jeremy returns and Damon and Elena are able to escape the room. Elena and Jeremy talk. He says he knows what Bonnie was feeling because he feels trapped. She tells him to go to art school and move on.

Tyler ends up breaking up with Liv. She ends up in her dorm room, thanks to Elena’s blood, and he lets her know that she lied to him and she chose death over him.

Caroline is digging hole after hole trying to find Ms Cuddles while Stefan drunkenly mocks her. He’s really trying to help her cope. He makes her angry and has her push him a couple of times. She knocks him to the ground and he returns it. By the time they get up, Stefan spots Ms Cuddles’ ear. Caroline grabs the bear and accidentally pulls too hard and separates the head and body.

Elena is done dwelling on the past. She tells Damon that being with him wasn’t a mistake. She somehow always finds her way back to him so she doesn’t care what human Elena would’ve done because she isn’t here. Vampire Elena is and she wants Damon.

By the end of the episode Jeremy is applying to art school and Bonnie has found the atlas Jeremy dropped and is on her way to Nova Scotia.


Enzo threatens Matt’s mom so that he will help Enzo figure out who Sarah Salvatore really. She rejects Matt’s pick up line, but when he needs help getting home she helps him. Enzo decides she’s almost perfectly pure. By the time he is done with her she will be begging him to turn her into a vampire.