Vampire Blood Speeds Up Cancer

This week’s episode starts with Caroline waking up because she hears something downstairs. She is attacked by Colin, the patient she fed her blood to at the end of last weeks episode. He died last week and is now a vampire. When Stefan arrives, he figures that part out which means that he had to have died after she gave him her blood. This does not bode well for Liz.

Elena is on her way to work when Damon shows up to look over Kai with food and a date proposal. He wants to take her out to dinner tonight. Elena is in until she figures out that Damon is recreating a date they already had. Elena shuts it down since she doesn’t want to pick up where they left off, but she is still up for a date.

How To Save Liz

At the hospital Jo determines that Caroline’s blood sped up the cancer and killed him. Elena yells at Stefan for not knowing better and doing more research before Caroline gave Liz her blood. Jo has an idea. She wants to do a full blood transfusion which would get the vampire blood out of Liz’s system.

Colin tries to kill himself so Caroline tries to calm him down. Damon rips his heart out to put him out of his misery. They then get an update about Liz and how the transfusion didn’t work. Caroline runs away which means Elena has to give Liz the bad news. But Liz doesn’t care about that she wants to know about her daughter.

Stefan finds Caroline trying to pick the right flowers to have at her mother’s memorial. She is mad at herself for screwing up and killing her mother. Stefan tells her the story of his own mother’s death. Stefan kept himself occupied during her illness out of fear of seeing her sick and before he knew it his dad had sent his mom away and she was dead. He would do anything to have another day with his mother. Caroline agrees to go back to the hospital.

The Merge

Liv and Tyler are moving along in their relationship, but Liv’s dad arrives early to celebrate Liv and Luke’s birthday. They have to convince him not to make them do the merge and he isn’t going for it.

Damon goes to Alaric’s apartment where Tyler is trying to unleash Kai. He is scared that Liv’s dad is going to make her merge so he plans to let Kai loose so he can merge first. Damon knocks Tyler out. Damon calls Liv and tells her father that there is some event happening tonight that will be the celestial event for the merge and if he wants to keep Kai from merging he’d better merge Liv and Luke first because Damon is waking Kai up and setting him free. He wants Kai to suck the magic of the vampire blood out of Liz in order to slow her cancer down. It seems to work until Liz has a heart attack, Kai grabs Damon’s neck and takes Jo.

Elena tries to save Liz while Liv and Luke’s dad forces them to merge. Until Tyler shows up and punches her father. With his father out, Luke has an idea and runs off to find Kai and Jo. Luke suggests they merge instead.

Life and Death 

Damon finds a doctor, but he fails to save Liz. He says she’s dead right as Caroline comes through the door. In Liz’s mind we see a dream where she is packing, but when she goes to say goodbye to Caroline, Caroline’s face is vamped out. It wakes Liz up. She isn’t dead! In the hallway Elena, dealing with Liz almost dying in her arms, kisses Damon because she isn’t wasting another moment.

Liz promises Caroline that she will stick around as long as she can before she sends Caroline out so she can talk to Stefan. She asks Stefan to promise her that when she dies, Stefan will take care of Caroline. Stefan promises and we see that Caroline overheard everything.

Damon shows up at the merge to find Jo holding Luke. Their dad determines Kai was the winner and that Luke is dead.